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Why Samsung has no chance to catch up with Apple

It is no secret that proprietary operating system Tizen Samsung did not replace Apple’s iOS or at least a competitor. In Seoul still very limited use of this OS on the market. Currently, with the development of a product plays an important role not only hardware but also software. But judging by how the programmers Samsung company never to catch up with its main competitor in the face of Apple.

The experts recognized the most unsafe Tizen operating system. Security researcher amichai, Naderman found in Tizen 40 vulnerabilities “zero day” that make Samsung smartphones vulnerable to remote attacks. “Vulnerable almost all system applications,” — said the expert. And the bugs affect the entire system, and this means that under the threat of a break-not only phones, but also smart watches, TVs and other household appliances that use Tizen.

The Samsung developers did not bother and borrowed a good deal of code from the operating system Bada, which the company developed earlier. In the end codebase OS looks outdated “like it’s still 2005,” says Niederman.

The team of developers Tizen made an unforgivable error. “It’s like taking a student and instruct him to write your software,” he said. As an illustrative example, the expert cited the app store Tizen Store: Zakrevskaya it error allows to avoid checking for malicious code to install malware on a Tizen device and take possession over it complete control.

“This is probably the worst code I’ve ever seen. All that can be done wrong, done wrong,” said Neiderman. Your research will be presenting at the event, Security Analyst Summit next week.

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Also, Neiderman a few months ago sent a report to Samsung but received only an automatic response letter. After the publication of the article source Samsung responded more clearly, stating that the company is ready to cooperate to solve the problems found.

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