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Why OnePlus 5 – the infamous flagship 2017

In Russia officially debuted the OnePlus 5. Avoid this smartphone party. Consider that it does not exist. But if you want the arguments, read on.

First, a quick historical digression.

Three years ago, the company OnePlus has realized the Chinese dream: cunning Asian startups Packed the top hardware in the plastic body felt pleasantly Android shell, put ultracapacity the price tag (350$) and got all the media of the world.

A gadget called the OnePlus One and admired buyers and journalists: it is objectively tore Google Nexus 5, which was then sympathetic to even the most demanding users.

It seemed that the progressive guys from OnePlus are waiting for a magical future, but a grief-businessmen successfully merged all the predictions in the toilet.

First, they messed up a large and very ugly quarrel with Cyanogen, the creators of the very original firmware. Because of this conflict impulsively launched by the Chinese communicating OnePlus the OnePlus 2, and X.

Then the firm seems to be out of peak using the OnePlus 3, but almost immediately some reason presented OnePlus 3T – improved version of the then flagship.

It is important to understand that such actions, by themselves, undermine the credibility of the brand. All of the people that bought the OnePlus 3, when five months later demonstrates an updated version of their device? That’s right: anger, rage and the desire never to contact OnePlus.

The funny story with these unfortunate Chinese that they do not repeat their mistakes, and successfully collect new.

Logically, then came OnePlus 3T 5 – the most curious, ridiculous and futile device of 2017.

The design of this flagship shameless stolen from black iPhone 7 Plus, and Asian companies sincerely believe that it is not a sin, but getting into the trend.

Okay: we know that China has decided to copy the iPhone, but let’s look at the price tag.

479 dollars in the States, 500 in Europe, 40 thousand rubles in Russia, 30 thousand rubles on AliExpress – how is that even possible?

If anything, the iPhone 7 Plus is now easy to find for 52-53 thousand rubles. Accordingly, in the best case for OnePlus 5 will cost 57% of the price of the original.

Too fat for the stolen item, isn’t it?

Yes, OnePlus was born 5 stolen. Buy still come to the market and to take the smartphone without documents, who a few hours ago addicts pressed in the underpass. Only here in the role of nariko is a solid (like) company, suddenly forgetting about pride, honor and integrity. Interestingly, they themselves are not contrary to continue wearing the design for Apple?

Sad and disgusting that the Chinese even failed to properly prepare the flagship to release. The phone works well like the scrolling – it seems that you stretch across the screen of jelly.

In addition, there are some complaints about the camera focus, connecting to Wi-Fi and other stuff. OnePlus responds to the negative-startparse asks for descriptions of bugs in Twitter or mail, to correct the shortcomings in future firmware. Thank you though so in theory you could even score on the support, no one would be surprised.

However, even if we imagine that OnePlus 5 works perfectly, leering at him still not worth it. The purchase of this flagship will inevitably provoke the same type of dialogues.

– Oh, you have a 7 Plus?

– No, it’s OnePlus 5, there’s more RAM, better CPU, and here is the menu…

– A. Clearly. Chinese copy type. Well.

What a shame.

Over 40 thousand (if we take the official Russian) this wonder can be purchased. From OnePlus should be 0 sales for such crazed money – so it would be fair.

30 thousand with AliExpress is too controversial. Easier to take Xiaomi Mi6, at least he’s not as nauseating design. Another option is the Galaxy S7, which is absolutely not outdated, but is available for 27 thousand rubles.

Red price OnePlus 5 – 25 thousand, but to sponsor a grocery criminals still do not want to.

It is hoped that OnePlus 5 – temporary stupidity, and the next generation of leaders this company will be a little more original.

Although it is unlikely.

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