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Why now is the best time to buy iPad Pro 10.5

While all Android manufacturers sadly have concluded that tablets are dying, Apple is delaying the funeral, and makes people admire the new iPads.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro was presented at the beginning of June, and all the top foreign publications have evaluated it as close to 10/10. Have. naturally went to the cuckoo: it seemed that it is not they wrote critical texts in the spirit of “phablets have killed the tablets”.

The new iPad Pro masterpiece. He was pleased with the size (thin frame), and performance (chip A10X), speakers (four), and even the main camera (as the iPhone 7).

But the coolest feature of the new iPad – ProMotion, dynamic refresh rate. Conventional devices it is 60 Hz and the new Pro periodically grows to 120 Hz is a real magic.

In fact, these feelings do not transfer words. You need to go to the nearest store, take two iPads (old and new), we scroll the page in the browser and feel the natural desire to acquire a brilliant 10.5-inch model.

Then ripen the key question: how to rationally buy a tablet for 47 thousand rubles in 2017? If anything, cheaper iPad Pro will not find – I pointed out the price of little modification on the 64 GB and no slot for SIM card.

Once again: 47 thousand is 666 euros at current exchange rates, that is quite a bold. Given that soon will be a new iPhone, any attempts to take iPad Pro often over a date with a toad, which encircles the neck, legs and begs to keep the budget in the fall.

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In principle, the toad, until recently, was right. Revolutionary (for iPad) iOS 11 will be released only in the second half of September. It’s easy to assume that the “Proshka” cheaper by this point, so now they really could not admire.

But! In August, Apple announced a campaign “Back to the school”, under which the company gives to the Beats headphones the iPad Pro, iMac and MacBook 2016. The campaign will last until October 2.

It is expected that Apple asks all customers document from the educational institution, but in fact no checks, no: 9 August, my colleague quietly bought iPad Pro 10.5 and received the gift of wireless Beats X, nothing showing.

The most important that the conditions “Back to the school” can be interpreted a little differently: chic iPad Pro 10.5 is only 36 thousand, a bargain if you acquire Beats headset X.

Now, two facts:

1. It can be a long wait for the price drop on the iPad Pro, but to 36 thousand she crawls soon.

2. Can be long to read rave reviews of the first AirPods, but Beats X elementary practical.

They are much more difficult to lose (they are connected by a cord), they have a remote for switching tracks, they support Siri, and they work eight hours on a single charge and friends with Quick Charge (5 minutes sockets – 2 hours of music). AirPods worse on any of these parameters.

Conclusion: it’s time to prepare 47 thousand and take this profitable bundle. Headphones will be useful for the iPhone, and the tablet is just perfect – a colleague has confirmed that not long ago were holding nothing more enjoyable.

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In General, make up your mind and you will not regret. Apple is rarely so generous and kind.

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