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Why not wait for iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus this year

01.07.2017 0 Comments

The appearance of the iPhone remained virtually unchanged for three years, and this year Apple will finally introduce a completely redesigned smartphone. And show not one, not two, but three of the device with a new design. One of them will be a minor update to the iPhone 7, the second – for the iPhone 7 Plus. Both devices will receive a glass housing and support wireless charging. The main star, of course, will be the anniversary brand new iPhone with edge-to-edge OLED display, built-in display, fingerprint scanner Touch ID and an improved camera.

Why not wait for iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus this year

We already know quite a lot about the upcoming flagship of Apple. And now know for sure that the company will introduce the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 this year. Many thematic publications use these names, but smartphones will be named differently.

Let’s assume that Apple will name new items exactly. But what about next year? iPhone 8, iPhone 8s 8s Plus and iPhone? Definitely not. Illogical and confusing. Besides, Apple won’t release smartphone S-series together with the usual license plate.

The real name of the upcoming flagship yet, but we can refer to the naming scheme of other Apple products. Thus, this year we can see the following models:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone Plus
  • iPhone Pro

If the rumors are fake and only Apple is preparing two smartphones, then we will show:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone Pro

Unlikely, but still possible that the company is following the example of the line iPad called devices:

  • 4.7-inch iPhone
  • 5.5-inch iPhone
  • 5.8-inch iPhone

Of course, these names also have problems. In the first case, we have the prefix “Pro” which is generally considered a professional devices. But the iPhone should be a product for everyone. Although the argument seems weak in light of the fact that the iPad Pro is also a product that focuses on ordinary users.

Why not wait for iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus this year

The last option, as already noted, also highly unlikely. After all, if the anniversary 5.8-inch iPhone will get edge-to-edge screen, it will be more compact than the 5.5-inch iPhone. And it will cause confusion.

The genius of Apple brand names is that the owners of gadgets turn to their devices by name. No one calls the player player computer computer, laptop laptop — only iPod, iMac and MacBook.

In Cupertino are sitting incredibly clever creatives that perform the same task — totally simplify without any loss of quality. The names of all the iPhone very short. The longest it was, the iPhone 3Gs in 2009. Now this design (number, uppercase letter, lowercase letter) looks terribly bulky.

Is the norm (iPhone and figure), there is a small deviation from the norm (iPhone, number and letter), there is a forced compromise (iPhone, the figure and the word Plus), but it obeys the same logic.

Why not wait for iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus this year

Choosing a name for the new attractions this year, Apple may go in a different direction. For example, to announce iPhone X. But this option also seems unlikely after the company renamed OS X in macOS. Although it is possible that the way Apple has cleared the way for a new iPhone. But then again, what will happen in 2018? iPhone Xs? And in 2019 the iPhone X2?

There is speculation that Apple will completely abandon the brand “iPhone” and go to the Apple Phone, as it was with the Apple Watch. Maybe someday it will happen, but obviously not in the coming years.

In any case, before the official presentation we can’t know the names, so it remains to be called the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

What do you think how Apple will name three new phones in 2017?

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