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Why not charge your iPhone in public?

The battery of your iPhone is discharged, but need to write a dozen messages. Do you see USB port or a power outlet in a public place, connected to your smartphone and feel the sweet relief when the phone finally starts charging. All this is familiar, isn’t it?

But comfort may be compromised by an invisible attacker who is collecting your information, while the mobile device is connected to hacked by the hacker outlet. This was warned by experts of the company Authentic8.

“If you just connect the phone to a (hacked) extension cords or a charger, it will jeopardize the safety of all your data,” explained the officer Authentic8 drew pike.

Such charging stations are installed at airports and in subway stations. The information security specialists claim that through them hackers can steal data on your device. This includes email, text messages, photos and contacts.

“If the port was cracked, then the attacker will get access to an unlimited amount of information on your device,” explains pike.

In Authentic8, said: this technology allows you to install on the smartphone software that will give control to the hackers and after the phone will disconnect from the charging point. If the phone is dead far from home, the company recommends the use of portable batteries in order to best protect themselves.

The company, known for having created safe from hackers your browser, conducted a social experiment. 80% of participants used a public charger, not interested in his safety.

“If people are worried about their safety, they should not use public charging stations, concluded at Authentic8. If they feel an acute need to immediately upload your selfie, let the risk”.

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Currently charging stations are installed at 27 stations of the Moscow metro.

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