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Why not all Apple employees will move to the new campus

A few weeks before the New year, Apple began to send employees notification of the upcoming move to the new campus. However received them not all.

Today we will try to understand the reasons due to which only part of Apple employees will be able to enjoy the views from the “space ship”.

Apple is not accidentally building another campus

First, the fact that Apple will not be able to accommodate all in Apple Park became clear when the company began to build the second campus in the vicinity of Silicon valley. After the “spaceship” in Cupertino Corporation began construction of a second complex near San Diego. Why Apple took out a second campus, none of the Directors of the Corporation have not answered.

Jony Ive: “Apple Park was not built for other people”

Second, in a recent interview with the chief designer of the Corporation jony Ive confirmed that Apple Park will move only part of the staff. According to him, the new campus was built “not for other people.” Under this statement meant he Ive and remained a mystery.

However, Apple design chief noted that Apple Park will move all his unit, and the management of the Corporation and the development team of the software. The rest of the Apple employees will continue to work in other offices waiting to build a second campus.

Mathematics not argue. Campus of 12 000 jobs will not fit the 25 000 employees of the Corporation

If you look at the numbers, the fact of moving to a new building only a part of the employees of Apple is not as much of a surprise. Since construction began Apple Park company argued that the campus for 12 000 working places. Currently, only the California state employees Apple is more than 25 000 people.

Secrecy. Secrecy. And once again secrecy

In addition, Apple is always working on several projects in parallel and trying to keep the intrigue till the last. Of course, because of the constant insider thefts and leaks this is not always possible, however, under development very important to the company secrecy. That is why some of the units and teams just need to keep away from everyone, including from other employees of the company. In this light, Apple’s decision to gather under the roof of the Apple Park only part of the staff seems thoughtful and correct decision.

What do you think? Why Apple spent five billion dollars to build a campus that will not be able to accommodate the entire staff? Waiting for your answers in the comments.

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