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Why mobile operators refuse from unlimited tariffs: greed or necessity?

According to operators, unlimited calling have a low demand and unprofitable due to the introduction of the “Spring package”. Experts believe that operators leads only to a desire to increase profit sales.

From the beginning of 2017 from the three major mobile operator announced the termination of providing customers with tariffs with unlimited Internet. First, about the irrationality and unprofitable services began in the Yota, it was followed by “MegaFon” and “Beeline”.

The representative of “Beeline” said that such measure is taken due to the fact that the service has outlived its usefulness and began to bring companies more losses than profits.

“To date, bezlimita essentially turned into a marketing tool to draw attention to offers, because in fact the real consumption bezlimita at the majority of clients are actually the same as the rates included packets of data traffic. And in the current situation, they no longer constrain further development of the market: the consumption of dates in the total volume increases, thus pay the same as active users and those who use the little date – and this is in the context of a General trend of decrease in voice consumption and the need for operators to invest in infrastructure that can support the growing volume of date. Therefore, in our opinion, in the future, the market will inevitably come to change pricing models: cost – to unit cost data. This will give the opportunity to differentiate offers for clients based on their changing profile of consumption”, – said the publication of RBC in the “Beeline”.

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The opinion of the unclaimed share services and representatives of MegaFon. The company says that all changes in the package offers only apply to new connections. Everyone who joined before February 1, 2017, the option will operate in usual mode.

“The option is closed for new connections due to low demand – over the past month we have seen very few new connections that the scale of the Federal operator essentially means a complete lack of interest in it,” – said the press service of the Volga branch of MegaFon.

The company also said that customers who need the option of unlimited Internet already connected and a new stream of interested persons is not expected. “The absolute majority of customers are quite satisfied with the volume of traffic included in the package,” said in “the Megaphone”.

In turn, the head of open company “Finam-Kazan” Ruslan Zhukov believes that policy statements aimed at the rejection of packets with the option of unlimited Internet, not that other, as attempt to earn profits. Some companies successfully use the law of Spring as an excuse.

“Apparently, the mobile operators have decided to just make profits and withdraw them in the form of dividends, successfully using the “Spring package” as an excuse. A key factor in the “Spring package” should be a record of all personal calls of citizens in 2018. At the same time, the costs of implementation should be immaterial since the operators already have their own servers and even means of recording conversations,” — said Zhukov.

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The expert also predicted that, most likely, operators will begin to release a metered tariffs, which will provoke customers to purchase more expensive services.

“In order to raise prices unnoticed of the FAS, the easiest way to abandon unlimited tariffs. Rather this, under various pretexts will be disconnected and current subscribers. For example, strongly cut speed – it is not guaranteed. Next release will offer tariffs with less minutes/SMS/megabytes for the same price. Subscribers will be missed standard packages and they will buy more services at high prices. Since formal price growth will not, the FAS will not be able to punish operators”, — said Zhukov.

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