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Why Microsoft is losing to Apple

After Microsoft main competitor, Apple showed the world its new flagship smartphone, the tablet and the “most powerful laptop in the world”. But the bombs, which would help the company to expand the boundaries of their possessions, i.e. market share, among analysts just couldn’t see it.

The Microsoft presentation was the finale in the autumn world the hit parade of tech giants. The company introduced its first notebook Surface Book, updated smartphones Lumia 950 and 950XL, the fourth generation of Surface tablets and a fitness tracker, and promised next year to start selling augmented reality glasses HoloLens.

But amid the September presentation, Apple efforts of the Corporation from Redmond seem less like a bid for market share as a reminder of their existence. The release of Windows 10 in July was an event of global scope, and leadership of Microsoft in the operating system market is undeniable. But the appearance of the first laptop the software giant has remained largely unnoticed, according to Dp. Like other recent developments.

In fact, Microsoft proposed to consider their smartphones as full-fledged computers: using the new Dock adapter Display your smartphone or tablet connects to the monitor and everything is ready. Optionally, you can add a keyboard, mouse and work the old fashioned way.

First the laptop Surface Book presented to the public as “the thinnest and most powerful computer in the world”, the performance of which, as stated, two times higher than that of the MacBook Pro. Actually Apple is invisibly present at the launch event Microsoft — all statements and materials of the presentation and heard “catch up and surpass “Apple” competitors”.

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And to catch up makes sense. Last quarter Apple sold laptops and tablets Mac $6 billion Quarterly sales of Surface tablets, even with the doubling of demand for the product was $888 million.

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