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Why it’s time to move with Lightning-to-USB-C in iPhone 8 and the new iPad

Tuesday edition of the WSJ had circulated insider that the new generation iPhone will lose the Lightning connector and will get a USB port C. In particular, it is argued that the next Apple phone will receive the “USB-C port for power cable and other peripherals instead of the original Lightning connector”.

The wording is not very specific, but there is reason to believe that the iPhone 8 will lose the Lightning connector and will get a more modern USB-C. Such a move is quite unusual for Apple, as the Corporation has never hesitated to promote their own standards, but it is still possible to explain. So, Apple have already equipped with such a connector the MacBook, while both standards are functionally similar.

Generally, within the Apple ecosystem has developed confusion. IPhone 7 can not charge the device from the MacBook and MacBook Pro out of the box. And unified standard is the way out of the situation. With the transition to USB C iPhone 8 will be able to use the cable from an Android smartphone, MacBook and so on. And it will make life easier in work, play and beyond.

Most of the Apple also there are several good reasons to go with Lightning to USB C. the Latter combines the best qualities of the signature “Apple” giant, while providing a number of advantages. USB-C boasts support for faster charging and the ability to use the gadget for charging other devices. In addition, the USB-C supports USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, MHL and superMHL, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA. It can be used to connect flash drives, monitors, external hard drives and other peripheral devices, for charging and to transfer videos, etc.

Anyway, the interpretation in the edition of the WSJ is not entirely unambiguous. The message can also mean that the USB-C will equip themselves not iPhone, and power adapters. In particular, the USB connector-A on the end of the charging cable of your smartphone may be replaced by USB-C — in the same way Apple did with the power supply that came with the MacBook. This makes sense, because this way a user who purchased a new iPhone, will be able to charge it from a MacBook using the supplied cable.

Whatever it was, the truth we learn only in the autumn of this year, when will take place the presentation of the new generation of Apple smartphones.

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