Why is the new iPhone SE better than the old iPhone 8?

Immediately after the announcement of the new iPhone SE, iPhone 8 disappeared on the company's website; it is no longer in the Apple online store. This does not mean that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can no longer be bought – as practice shows, the remnants will be sold for a long time. So, you can compare the iPhone SE of the 2020 model and its donor – iPhone 8, which appeared at the end of 2017. Moreover, this question often arises in the comments in recent days.


At the time of the iPhone 8 was not the largest iPhone, but not the smallest. Now we come to the fact that the diagonal of 4.7 inches can be called relatively small and even small.

The design has not changed at all: in fact, this is the same iPhone 8, only in different colors of the case. Weight, dimensions, materials – everything is exactly the same, so iPhone SE can be dressed up in iPhone 8 cases, convenient compatibility with numerous accessories.

There was also protection against moisture according to IP67: in salty sea waters you should not buy a phone, but the iPhone is not afraid of fresh water.

Button and Touch ID

History has shown that after the iPhone 8 for several long years there were no new iPhones with a fingerprint scanner. Moreover, at the same time as the iPhone 8, the iPhone X appeared, a completely new model. At the same time, the company explained that a fingerprint scanner is not as cool as a face scanner. As a result, we saw a phone with a “monobrow”, it has become a trend of our time. Now Apple returns the button, please love and favor.

Why is there no bang? Guess what. Because you don’t need to re-develop anything, it’s much easier and cheaper to adapt an existing solution than to create a new phone.

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Judging by the characteristics, the display in the iPhone SE is exactly the same as in the iPhone 8. Identical resolution, the same contrast and brightness, all the same IPS-matrix with True Tone support.

Attentive users may notice that the iPhone 8 had 3D Touch, but the iPhone SE no longer has it. But with iOS updates, the 3D Touch feature disappeared and turned into Force Touch. Therefore, if you have an “eight” and you installed the latest versions of iOS, then there are only memories of 3D Touch.


If you look at the specifications, then everything coincides, except that the iPhone SE added portrait mode. And let it not bother you that there is only one camera: in the iPhone XR, where there is also one single module, there is also portrait shooting.

Considering how good the cameras have become in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11, it remains only to regret that the iPhone SE did not add a special night mode. But the iPhone SE writes video with stereo sound, but the iPhone 8 does not know how to do it. We will find out the rest when test samples appear.


The processor in the iPhone 8 is still peppy even by the standards of 2020: here is the Apple A11 Bionic, while the iPhone SE has the most powerful Apple A13 Bionic chip among Apple phones. I don’t think that when using it, the difference in speed will be critical – rather, this is the potential for the future for new iOS features.

For iPhone SE, there are three memory options: 64, 128 and 256 GB, while the iPhone 8 is only 64 and 128 GB. The iPhone SE also has more RAM: 3 GB instead of 2 GB in the iPhone 8.

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Here are noticeable changes. If the iPhone 8 was exclusively with one SIM card, then the iPhone SE will appear with two physical SIM cards. Such a version will not be officially sold in Russia, but they will be brought to us from Hong Kong and China. This is the first difference.

The second is eSIM support. The long-suffering technology will not be launched in any way in Russia with all operators, but the world is not limited to Russia and you can use the convenient option in other countries.


Apple did not change the battery, so the iPhone SE has exactly the same 1821 mAh battery as the iPhone 8. The value is modest by the standards of 2020, and if you go to the Apple website, you can see that the company predicts the same performance , like the iPhone 8. In simple terms, get ready to charge it twice a day with active use.

Wireless or fast wired charging comes to the rescue. Alas, the bundle is still a low-power 5 W unit, you need to buy a power supply separately for fast charging. F – greed.


iPhone SE costs 39,990 in Russia or $ 399 in the US, US price excluding local taxes. In 2017, the iPhone 8 appeared in Russia for 56,990 rubles, and in America it cost $ 699.

Now, if we take the official prices, then the iPhone 8 is sold with 39,990 rubles. Given this price, the phone no longer makes any sense, so it’s quite logical that Apple removed it from its store.

Then another question arises: why buy an iPhone SE if you can pay extra and buy an iPhone XR? The answer is in my article:

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What to choose: iPhone XR or the new iPhone SE?

Alexander Pobyvanets

April 15, 2020

I think that the XR is a more versatile and practical phone, but the iPhone SE will become a favorite nation in a couple of years, when prices go down. It was the same with the first iPhone SE, when at the start it was a rather expensive device, and then the smartphone fell in price, and the attitude towards it changed.

Why not sell iPhone 8, but cheaper?

When comparing iPhone 8 and iPhone SE, another question arises: why not save iPhone 8 in the line of phones? Reduce the price by $ 50 or even $ 100 and leave it as a completely inexpensive iPhone. I think that Apple, on the one hand, wants to increase its share in all segments, but is not ready to depreciate its old devices.

Comparison plate

iPhone SE
iPhone 8


4.7 inches, IPS, True Tone, 1334 × 750, brightness 625 cd / m²
4.7 inches, IPS, True Tone, 1334 × 750, brightness 625 cd / m²

Touch id
there is
there is

A13 bionic
A11 bionic


64, 128, 256
64, 128

Water protection

7 MP, f / 2.2
7 MP, f / 2.2.

Main camera
12 MP, f / 1.8, Portrait mode 4K 60 fps
12 MP, f / 1.8, 4K 60 fps

Battery mAh
1821, fast charge, wireless charging
1821, fast charge, wireless charging

there is

two physical SIM
there is

Weight grams

Sizes, mm
138.4 × 67.3 × 7.3
138.4 × 67.3 × 7.3

black, white and red
silver, Space Gray, golden, red

glass aluminum
glass aluminum

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