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Why is the Apple battery charger is almost twice as expensive than the Samsung charge?

It is no secret that buying products of famous manufacturers, users overpay for the brand. How much? The manufacturer about it are unlikely to tell you, this can be judged only by circumstantial evidence. Analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldar Murtazin has angered pricing Apple branded accessories.

From Murtazin has failed fork for iPhone and he went to Re:Store, confident that you will find it there on sale. Here, the analyst found that the cost of the Apple power adapter is 2750 rubles. And that’s without the wires to connect to the smartphone. In the official Apple store plug 1 590 rubles, wire – exactly the same. Thus, the charge must be given 3 180 rubles.

“To say that is robbery in broad daylight, to say nothing. Moreover, the legalized robbery, and pricing Re:Store is easily explained, it’s Apple style, followed by its distributor – everything is to be sold at exorbitant prices, and even desirable, to her lined up,” says the analyst.

Murtazin considers false arguments that “the Apple battery charger is reliable and gives the characteristics claimed” or something in the fork is a special processor, “which optimally charges your phone.” All of this is from other manufacturers whose products is much cheaper, he said.

“And the right answer can be only one: when the cost of the same plug in 30 cents with you take cheat by orders of magnitude, because I believe that you pay for the brand. It is a reflection of company policy, nothing more. No special processors in the fork, no cables Lightning have processors that are responsible for the definition of “friend or foe”, but this is done not for the convenience of the user, and to Rob and he could not (in any case!) to use non-original cable without such a processor,” the analyst writes.

For example, Eldar Murtazin led power adapter Samsung, which is 1590 rubles complete with cable, “and the charger is much more difficult and the production cost is higher.”

“Be sure that the manufacturer of this accessory also makes a lot, but not so much as gather with their flock to Apple. That charger is always sold with a cable included, also the norm for Android devices, this is a normal approach and only this approach logical. Wish Apple earn twice reveals how greedy the managers of the company”, – concluded the analyst.

“The fashion component of the iPhone is largely connected with the fact that people are so flush of your money, showing that they have as if there is. In Russia up to 60% new iPhone acquire a loan that is already showing possible buyers. And the charging wire is like a payment on the loan for one month… I Really hope that Apple fans will be able to clearly, with feeling and tact to explain why it’s appropriate that the charging stand is so and not otherwise. What positive vibes they bring to their lives,” concluded Murtazin.

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