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Why iPhone X prices start from $ 999

Experts of the statistics portal Statista compared the cost of components iPhone X c previous generations of the iPhone. They analyzed what the new flagship Apple is so expensive.

In early November, one after another, came two reports telling about the cost of iPhone components X. Edition TechInsights has estimated the cost of producing one gadget at $ 357,50. Benchmark company IHS Market considered that the acquisition of only constituent elements of the flagship Apple costs $ 370.

The statistical portal made the schedule, clearly showing the increase in the cost of materials of various iPhone models over the past six years, since the launch of iPhone 4S in 2011.

The increasing cost of components has led to increased prices for consumers. Elements X Apple iPhone cost almost twice expensive than iPhone 4S.

The most expensive component of the new flagship company is recognized as 5.8-inch AMOLED screen from Samsung Display complete with Touch sensor Force, the polarizer and the upper glass. The value of the greater part of the front panel is about 110 dollars, of which approximately $ 70 gets Samsung. Perhaps the South Korean manufacturer will present a report on record high profits.

The second cost component was the back cover. It is not surprising that repairing these did in the case of failure would be very expensive. The price of a set of reinforced glass and stainless steel frame make up 61 dollars.

The cost of components iPhone X almost 20% more details iPhone 8 Plus. Despite the high price, the model is very popular that can affect the record sales of Apple.

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