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Why iPhone need 8 connector Smart Connector from the iPad Pro?

This week, media reported insider about the new smartphone iPhone 8, the authenticity of which, however, has not yet been confirmed. We are talking about the emergence of a new connector Smart Connector, which is still in iPad but not in Apple. If the information is true, then the question arises, for what purpose the developers of Cupertino decided to give the upcoming iPhone this interface?

To answer this question, we need to remember how Smart Connector is used in iPad Pro. First, it provides bidirectional communication and power, allowing you to connect to your external accessories. In the range of Apple has the Smart keyboard that support Smart Connector. The port located on the plug side of the keyboard and on the corresponding side of the iPad Pro, interacts with the conductive material inside the Smart Keyboard delivers both data and power.

How necessary is it Smart Connector for the iPhone? It is unlikely Apple felt it necessary to release for smartphones keyboard style iPad Pro. This explanation of some users seems to be unconvincing. More excuses for developers the implementation of an additional interface itself.

We know that the new iPhone will focus on the functionality associated with augmented reality. The presence of the Smart Connector will provide connectivity to the smartphone is not only smart covers and docking stations, and accessories for virtual and augmented reality. The so-called iPhone 8 will be the anniversary model of the smartphone, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the release of the original device and the new breakthrough function highly-anticipated.

Another reason for the emergence of the Smart Connector oddly enough, can be associated with the current generation iPhone. The fact that Apple’s decision to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack on smartphones has been criticized by users. Now the owners of flagship devices there is no possibility to listen to music in headphones or through external speakers while charging the device. In a similar situation are users 12-inch MacBook, which can either charge the laptop battery, or to use peripherals.

In the case of the iPhone 8 will come with a magnetic connector or dock the Apple support Smart Connector. This will solve the problem with the shortage of interface connectors in the smartphone.

In General, the appearance of an additional interface in the iPhone will benefit as the owners of the new generation of smartphones, and manufacturers of accessories. The latter will be able to offer users a simple and convenient covers, charging docking station, etc. there is no doubt that third-party manufacturers will find a variety of uses Smart Connector.

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