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Why iPhone and Galaxy S8 8 – main flagships of this year

Next week opens the annual exhibition MWC, during which most of the Android manufacturers will show their new high-end smartphones. Have many of these devices will be one serious drawback when compared with the future leaders of the market: the number of top-end Android devices won’t get flagship processors 2017.

Galaxy S8 (April) and the iPhone 8 (September) will feature not only the most productive but also the most effective in the world of mobile chips. Apple doesn’t like to share technical details ahead of time, however, its main supplier TSMC has already opened the card. The company will soon start shipping the 10-nanometer products, i.e. the iPhone 8 will have the chipset with the most advanced industry workflow.

Samsung does not make a secret out of this. Shortly before the presentation of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the company officially unveiled its new CPU. As expected, along with new flagship to debut Exynos chip of the ninth series. We are talking about the Exynos 8895.

This SoC is also executed for 10-nm technology. 8895 equipped with Exynos 8-core processor, four of which are custom kernels Samsung the second generation, designed to improve performance and reduce power consumption, and four cores is the standard Cortex-A53 are designed to perform tasks with increased efficiency. The new processor consumes 40% less energy compared with chips designed using 14-nanometer production process, while increasing productivity by 27%.

In addition, 8895 Exynos will be the first Samsung processor with support for Gigabit module LTE download speeds of up to 1GB/s (Cat 16) and an upload speed of up to 150 Mbps (Cat 13).

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The chip will support recording and playback of video in 4K at 120 frames per second and will offer new technology optimizes video for viewing in VR that will probably become one of the key features of the Galaxy S8. Exynos 8895 will also bring support for multi-format codec and 3D graphic new generation graphic accelerator Mali-G71.

The chip has a separate module responsible for the security of mobile payments, authentication, fingerprint and iris, as well as a microprocessor VPU (Video Processing Unit), which contributes to the quality shooting video, panoramic images, and computer vision technology.

Despite the fact that Apple never announces processors for future iPhone, it is already known that the new Apple A11 will also be made on the most advanced process technology that will provide the new flagship of the similar growth performance and reduced energy consumption.

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