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Why iPhone 8 – shameless divorce for money

Apple is preparing a gadget that will make millionaires of all of the owners of the workshops for the repair of equipment from Cupertino.

The main smartphone of the year wait with trepidation and excitement. On the one hand, the flagship should be a big deal – new design and the 10-year anniversary since the first iPhone produce maximum hype around the release.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 (I will call it so purely for convenience) is already confirmed and there are three critical disadvantages:

1. A disappearance is your one-stop TouchID. In the screen to integrate it already precisely did not work, so we will RUB that face detection is steeper than the fingerprint scanner. Doubtful.

2. Hell of a price. OLED screens are expensive, so the starting price of 80 thousand is not something wild. Moreover, it is likely that the cost of top-end modification will come close to the weaving.

3. The new screen layout. Apple will deliver edge-to-edge display, but will do pretty ugly notch for the front camera, light sensor and earpiece. There are two drawbacks. First, initially frontalka will constantly smeared with fingerprints is still used to lower the upper bar with a quick swipe. Secondly, you will have to get used to the new way of the call status bar.

Unfortunately, all of the above claims, – the trifles of life.

The main disaster that awaits us in the iPhone 8, is a glass case.

Let us recall the iPhone 4/4s. Don’t know about you, but among my friends alive and whole the Quartet to find it was heavier than broken. Some buddies even philosophy was they had changed the glass only after smash and rear, and front.

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But it is important to understand that in those days (2010-2013 peak of the popularity of the 4/4s) repair cost significantly cheaper than it is now. Broke, found a couple of thousand, put the aftermarket glass, waited for the next failure – simple algorithm.

IPhone 8 it will be much tougher, especially in the first weeks.

As far as I know, replacing the screen on an iPhone 7 Plus is 10-12 thousand rubles with genuine parts and 18 to 20 thousand – branded glass. In the context of the iPhone 8 these amounts can be directly multiplied by one and a half to two times: the impact and increased complexity of work, and the frightening price of parts.

I suppose it is the groan of those gouging edge-to-edge phone, not heard for one reason only – devices without the part of still too little. Their production takes Samsung, Xiaomi and other Chinese guys – it is not serious and overscale.

But the release of the iPhone will change the system: people are naturally going broke on repairs. Killed the phone took 30 thousand, and then go back with a broken screen. Here is a fun fact.

How to be saved?

Very simple but boring:

1. To accept that case and film (protective glass) for iPhone 8 – as a ventilator for the hopeless vegetable. It is necessary to use the saving means either to accept that without them the device will soon die.

2. Look at the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus they almost do not crack and for repair asking for tolerable money. Moreover, the price of “seven” will soon collapse.

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And another life hack:

You’d better forget about the existence of insurance on smartphones. When you buy iPhone 8, you will immediately be asked to insure. It’s a hoax: if you split the phone, you will at best fix it a month and a half, and at worst will say that you are to blame for the failure. So don’t even think to pay insurance companies – they are scoundrels.

That’s all.

Let’s hope that the iPhone 8 will be stronger than rock crystal.

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