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Why iPhone 8 is not a failure of Apple. For example, the old iPhones

On September 22 in first-wave countries started selling the iPhone 8. That same evening, the lovers exchange reports choked with excitement, reading the news about how collapsed the capitalization of Apple.

If before the premiere it came about that soon the company will be worth a trillion dollars, in 10 days after the presentation everything changed: the quotes dropped from 830 to 780 billion. It is extremely significantly – for example, if such an incident happened with Ford, the Corporation would not have become.

Leading mobile analysts immediately linked the momentary collapse of Apple gray iPhone 8 – device, which is almost indistinguishable from “seven”. Perhaps, in this point of view has its own truth, but if you look at the reaction of the exchange for the debuts of the iPhone, starting with the first, it appears that regularities do not exist – the overall impression of the smartphone is rarely correlated with stock prices.

The first iPhone was humiliated for a crazy price ($500), the lack of 3G, lack of physical keys and raw iPhone OS at the time, it really could criticize struggling. Competitors (from Nokia to BlackBerry) stamped on Steve Jobs, Artemy Lebedev did not understand how to use this phone while driving, and Eldar Murtazin got a giant list of claims. But the fall in shares was tiny – the iPhone is not turned Steve into a loser.

IPhone 3G after the decline was already noticeable, but it is not associated with the smartphone, and the fact that jobs held the Prime Minister after a difficult illness. The stage skinny and pale co-founder of Apple told that the new model will be released on the international market (including in Russia) and will work in 3G-networks. Benefits were too small – again fall.

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But after the release of iPhone 3Gs stock rushed up. Considering that was 2009, and the market has not yet lost Nokia, which design leaders were changed every six months triumph Apple has turned historic in Cupertino played three times on the same design, but come out due to the improved camera, powerful (for the time) processor and updated OS.

Then there is the main paradox in all of market history of Apple.

Subjectively the transition from iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4 seems like a journey back in time to the Quartet equipped with divine screen, sexy glass casing, smart camera and a powerful chip. I’m influenced by the fact whether the drain (iPhone lit up well before the event), whether the deficit, but the fact is that a purely nominally the debut remained the worst until the advent of the iPhone 8. The record for drop (almost 3%) stayed more than seven years.

The trend in the madness continued iPhone 4S: during the presentation, the stock fell slightly, but then he died Steve jobs on October 14, 2011 (10 days after announcement) the cost of one securities made up $ 422 (+13 percent). It’s amazing what a boring 4S (voice assistant and a new processor) is still the most successful release for Apple in the context of the exchange.

After the model, the stock price ranged not so much. For example, the iPhone 5 was criticized due to the fact that it is just an elongated iPhone 4S, but the market has ignored these claims. The same scenario – with the iPhone 5s: the whole market was already cluttered five-inch flagship, but Apple has forgiven four-inch model.

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The sixth generation were killed for strips and the protruding camera 6s on The Verge called the worst design since the iPhone 3Gs, from “sevens” do not spit only the most dedicated fans, but the stock price after the receipt of these devices in sales has varied only within five percent.

The conclusion is very simple.

The collapse caused by the iPhone 8, are logical when considered in isolation from previous releases, but the study question should be global.

That the stock was seriously podsosa blame on “eight”, but only iPhone X – Apple for the first time so openly and brazenly applied the scheme with the Vice-flagship (iPhone 5c does not count), so the exchange was worth the wait, something like that.

It is not a smartphone, and in our expectations (and our problems).

What to do next?

On the one hand, it is now possible to buy Apple stock (they are cheaper than bitcoins) and wait for the shot iPhone X.

On the other hand, X is also unpredictable: it is likely that due to the obscenely late exit take-off rate will not be as spectacular as the September crash of a graph.

So the fuss around the stock better to watch from the sidelines and not take it seriously: this chart moves almost randomly and gives no clue about the quality of products.

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