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Why iPhone 8 could be a disaster

In October of last year, Xiaomi has introduced futuristic a 6.4-inch smartphone Mi Mix with a screen which extends virtually the entire front panel. The smartphone display is an incredible 90% front. However, the device had admired the day before he fell into the hands of users. Then it came to light the main disadvantages of this solution: with all its beauty it does not fit in the arm, and any decline is ending for mobile fatal.

All the advantages of frameless smartphone forgotten after the tenth minute casual touch. In its current form gadgets without frames impractical and uncomfortable. However, progress in smartphonetoday movement in this direction. Apple, apparently, consider the possibility of failure of part 8 in the upcoming iPhone. In the publication life named several reasons why this could be a disaster.

1. Frameless screens corny interfere with using a smartphone. From this disease suffer even Xiaomi Mi5 flagship with a small part of the perimeter of the display. The fact is that with basic scrolling of the web page the base of the palm (the place from which grows a large finger) inevitably touches the touch screen. Accidental pressing leads to the fact that the content massturbate like increasing it with two fingers. To avoid this, the smartphone should be kept quite as we used to, and much neater — for example, for the ends. The comfort level with this grip around zero.

2. Frameless gadgets are not designed for video viewing. Today’s devices can still be locked in hand to do without the accidental clicks and do not close the display with your fingers, but the same Xiaomi is planning to release a smartphone, which is 99% the front panel is the screen. To watch a movie on this gadget, it will need to be put on the palm of your hand and not to move. Try this experiment with your regular phone: the position will seem unnatural, and the hand gets tired quickly.

3. Smartphones with edge-to-edge screens are very fragile. Falling even from a small height can easily be fatal. But the sad part is that the replacement frameless panel will cost more than replacing the usual screen: have to pay for the entire front part. Mi have Mix, for example, there is still an earpiece, which greatly complicates the task.

4. Frameless devices are incompatible with popular covers-bumpers, which perfectly protect from drops. The edge of such a cover will “call” on the screen, causing false positives. To solve this problem is impossible to protect the display will have to either film or glass.

Plus at this elegant (at first glance) form factor is much smaller. Yes, smartphones without frames look good in the promotional images. Moreover, lying on the table when nobody touches them, they also look quite nice. The second advantage is dimensions: in theory, frameless device may receive a 5.5-inch screen, but having anthropometric data of modern five-inch smartphone. But in fact, the gadgets without frames impractical, uncomfortable and generally not repairable.

Apple has three years listening to just how large the scope of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 (and their Plus versions), so that the release edge-to-edge iPhone 8 seems very likely. The American company will be first to release a smartphone capable of reading an unexpected depression. And if Apple can cope, then the problem is prices on repair stand in full growth. Even now the official replacement screen for iPhone costs tons of money: consequently, in a year everything will be even sadder.

Steve jobs said that people do not know what they want until you show it to them. With edge-to-edge smartphones the reverse situation: people know you don’t want. Alas, instead of finding the optimal width of the part, vendors have gone mad and included inappropriate perfectionism. The results will be noticeable soon: workshops on repair of smartphones can only envy.

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