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Why iPhone 7s might be a better choice than the iPhone 8?

20.04.2017 0 Comments

To iPhone 8 still has a few months, but with each passing day rumors about the new product becomes more and more. Anniversary the flagship could be called the iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Among the main innovations sources call display “edge to edge”, the rejection of the Home button, improved dual cameras and face detection technology.

Why iPhone 7s might be a better choice than the iPhone 8?

It all sounds impressive, but the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus there are a lot of advantages. For a new design of the iPhone 8, the company will have to compromise. First of all, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID may move to the rear panel.

Rumored fingerprint scanner was supposed to be embedded in iPhone display 8, and the development of technology was engaged in Synaptics. Apple spent a lot of money, but in the end the partner has not met the deadline, and Apple had to return to the design of traditional module Touch ID.

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has done likewise in Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+, which caused the dissatisfaction of the users. The fingerprint scanner of South Korean smartphones is located on the rear side of the rear camera. As a result, to unlock the device without touching the lens, is quite problematic. A Samsung spokesperson said that this was a deliberate design decision that allowed us to free up more space inside the hull for the battery. In fact, however, it’s a major ergonomic blunder.

I would like to think that Apple will not step on the same rake. But if you remember that the company abandoned the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, causing criticism from experts and fans of the brand. Compared to this the transfer of Touch ID on the rear panel seems a trifle.

Why iPhone 7s might be a better choice than the iPhone 8?

The other aspect about which do not forget – the price. New form factor, OLED display, scanner iris of the eye will lead to a serious increase in the price tag of the iPhone 8. If the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus will cost the same as their predecessors, the price of iPhone 8 is expected to approach $1000.

Apple the years has improved the technology of LCD displays and components used in the iPhone 7, is recognized as among the best LCD panels on the market. While it is likely that OLED displays in the first iPhone with this type of screen will be far from perfect. Even Samsung, which for many years honing technology AMOLED, faces all kinds of problems.

Of course, this does not mean that the iPhone 8 will be a failure. However, iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus with the same “stuffing” and a better camera at a lower price may be a better choice this year. So the idea is to wait a year seems quite reasonable.

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