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Why iPhone 4/4s is still the most beautiful and perfect smartphone release in Apple’s history

Need once again to Express my respect to the legend.

31 October, Apple lifted the embargo and allowed the leading commentators write and say what they found during the day, alone with the iPhone X.

In these texts really can be confusing.

Some journalists claim that instantly adapt to the updated gestures. Others believe that the iPhone interface completely unintuitive.

Some criticize the very recess in which clipped content. The other is called the “ears” one of the most original chips iPhone X.

C Face ID also did not understand: someone is convenient, some don’t.

However, the tone of the first review is still strictly positive: people are well aware that the abuse is not new, otherwise the next time the exclusive fly past them.

“the iPhone X will be forced to change habits” – this phrase perfectly veils the shortcomings of the model, but the reader is not fooled: it is already clear that adaptation to the new flagship will have to spend more than one hour and not even one day.

In this context, I would like to recall the smartphone which did not have flaws.

Below are 3 reasons why iPhone 4/4s love everything, who they were.

1. Brilliant update

To the Apple iPhone 4 was selling plastic case for iPhone 3G and 3Gs – they got no alternative to Android, Symbian and WM in terms of interface, but their design is objectively not a masterpiece.

No wonder the Chinese are promptly trained to stamp the same case and release the copies until the inclusions were indistinguishable from the originals.

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So the iPhone 4 and threw the Apple into the stratosphere. All the other gadgets on the market (including 3G/3Gs) seemed pathetic against the background of the brilliant glass model.

Compare. Here is the iPhone 4:

But his unfortunate age Samsung Galaxy S:

One top device is minimalistic and solid, the other a toy. For those times it was a breakthrough and ecstasy.

2. Competent improvement

Apple ejected into space not only because of design and materials, but also due to the consistent improvement of all key parameters.

New camera, new CPU, new retina-display – iPhone 4 were naturally transferred to the owner in the future.

With iPhone X, this trick will not work. The model is comparable in power to the iPhone 8/8 Plus, she has almost the same screen (458 vs 401 ppi – the difference is not noticeable), and vertical dual camera hardly dazzling.

Still enjoy the design and lack of buttons.

3. Preserved sensation

The ergonomics of the iPhone 4 was at an awesome height when you took the phone in hand, you thought you walked with him all my life.

It is obvious that iPhone X is deprived of this magical effect, all the times together so write about the need to get used to bezremontnoy.

Probably, in the case of the iPhone 4 and showed the talent of Steve jobs: co-founder of Apple gave people a completely redesigned product, but made so that everyone feels immediately comfortable to use.

From “tens” in turn, there is a whole guide to gestures, and this is really a Wake-up call.

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Apple gadgets become more complex – it is unlikely that jobs would have liked this trend.

What more respected and appreciated iPhone 4?

1. He looked good even with broken glass. Even with two broken Windows!

2. Replacing the screen in the iPhone 4 was very cheap – not that the iPhone X.

3. iPhone 4s – the last published during the life of jobs. Owners of the iPhone have been let and doubtful, but still a reason for pride.

4. IPhone 4 white was truly white and not some else. Since is so white will not be met in any iPhone.

5. iPhone 4/4s very fast charging – faster than Android flagships of the time. 50 minutes with the adapter from the iPad, and 100% on the spot – in the upper right corner.

How to restart iPhone 4/4s?

Rumors that Apple would make another iPhone SE, arrive at a news Agency, approximately once per month. My pipe dream is that Apple will remember the brilliant “four” and equips its edge-to-edge display with a decent diagonal (4,3-4,5 inches).

The body should be thinner, but everything else you need to store and run a sale.

I would have taken a place in the queue at dawn. And you?

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