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Why iOS is getting worse

Today MacDigger published an article “8 signs that iOS has become worse in recent years”. Many readers agreed: in the current releases of the operating system Apple can not boast stability and reliability of the previous versions but the interface is not as friendly as before. But why is this happening? Why a number of characteristics latest iOS releases are inferior to earlier. The answer to this question can be found in the article developer Danny Tippen, who began to notice that the recent variety of the products getting worse and worse.

“Over the past few years began to be felt, as the quality of the software and services across the industry began to fall, not rise. Everything is always in Beta stage (as based on the name and quality). Products can be sent to consumers when marketers want, not when they are really ready to sell, and all because “we’ll always be able easily to fix”. The end user has turned from a buyer into a beta tester, but this is the norm, because developers use Agile. In programming we have come to believe that mistakes and failures are normal, so we no longer need to exert so much effort to avoid them. Support millions of customers — a difficult thing, so do not worry. Why bother to spend the time to review the feedback and reports from users if they just you can send in an endless maze called “support” and “feedback”?” – writes the developer.

Tippen cited numerous examples of how crooked work services online, so many stupid bugs and came to the conclusion that the last time the programming falls into something similar to a sales — thing to sell, and then understand, not everyone will complain and return the money that it will earn.

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iOS last time was really worse and it is impossible not to notice. However, many continue to believe that the product is the best in the industry. Mobile platform Apple once rightly so called, but now due to the large number of errors and lags that are not corrected, this title is harder to keep.

Marketing, deadlines, manual, low threshold of entry to the profession, thirst for profit, all this makes the once great programmers working on the perfect product, in robots that need for the team to start work and finish when I say, not when it will be completed, and then somehow users will understand. What about the products of other companies, if Apple has problems with dampness and apparent inconsistencies.

“I can’t fix it, but I feel that our entire industry not just makes for users can be like that. Even companies, which previously were famous for their level of quality and testing, it seems, began to merge in the toilet. I’m no stranger to marketing and the fact that the product can be downloaded even before it is ready, but, in fact, there is a place of perfection? Or maybe the fault lies with the end users? Maybe we don’t complain about the poor quality of the product, so companies there is no motivation to improve them?”

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