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Why in 2018, Apple’s market capitalization will amount to a trillion dollars

Exchange analytical edition Barron has listed factors that will help Apple become the first company with a market capitalization of one trillion dollars.

“It’s the most appropriate time for a revaluation of the shares,” the report says.

By the end of 2017, the capitalization of Apple was about $ 900 billion. Growth stock value was influenced by the popularity of the iPhone X and rapidly developing services of the Corporation.

At the end of the 2017 financial year, Apple’s revenue amounted to 229,2 billion dollars. Corporate profits are estimated at 48.3 billion dollars. For comparison, the two other most profitable company, Microsoft and financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase — earned about the same together.

Profit with one share of Apple grew by 11%, while the securities themselves grew during the year by 50%. In 2018, the Corporation will strive for more stable work to boost investor confidence.

The value of the shares of the companies included in the stock index most profitable S&P 500 in 2014 has increased on average by 56%, and 147%. Many holders of securities noted that Apple is more than just a manufacturer of smartphones and electronic devices.

“Apple not only sells you the phone. She sells you the easiest, most elegant way to use advances in mobile communications and computing. Therefore, the income of the Corporation from the sale of services growing faster than products,” says David pearl, chief investment officer of a Fund company Epoch Investment Partners.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, Apple has about 900 million customers around the world. In the structure of income the share of services is only about 13%. However, due to the sale of the services of the Corporation gets 20% of the profits.

Another factor influencing the growth of capitalization, will be the retention percentage of smartphone users. According to the largest Swiss Bank UBS, fidelity Apple store 85% of clients. For comparison, the share of loyal fans Samsung is 71%.

Barron experts believe that Apple enough to amass a stake worth 500 billion dollars to spur further growth securities. Given that the exchange is 500 million AAPL, if the stock price reaches $ 200, the Corporation’s market capitalization will amount to 1 trillion US dollars.

The desire of Apple to capture a large share of the Chinese market has a positive effect on investor confidence. The success of the Corporation in the Asian region surpassed expectations.

Will strengthen the growth and return of assets of Apple in the United States. Analysts see considerable potential sales in such products as smart column HomePod, new applications ARKit and innovative service CarPlay.

Experts advise to observe the development of the Corporation and to track information about patents. Every year, Apple aims at the study of not less than $ 14 billion, and such expenses pay off. Tim cook is certainly not Steve jobs. But he has managed to increase the company’s value doubled. According to analysts, in 2018 Apple will once again refute all the fears and unfavorable forecasts of skeptics.

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