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“Why I’ll never buy a MacBook Pro in top-end configuration”

It is believed that when a new technology is to focus on the top configuration, to extend the life of your device. Browser Business Insider Antonio villas-Boas explained why he uses a MacBook Pro 2012, but now wishes he chose a flagship version.

Of course, one way or another the iron is aging, so villas-Boas replaced the old HDD laptop to SSD, and installed 16 GB of RAM. After this “Proshka” to work like new. Even after five years, his computer fully cope with their tasks and to upgrade the laptop does not make sense. On the other hand, when compared to MacBook Pro 2017 “makovody” not encouraging some of the older features of his car.

MacBook Pro 2012 very bulky

Compared to the MacBook Pro 2017 the 2012 model look like a brick due to the thickness and weight. 5 years ago it was normal for 15-inch laptop, but by today’s standards, the laptop is quite heavy and bulky.

The thickness of the latest MacBook Pro is only 1.55 cm and a weight of 1.83 kg. Yes, it’s a bit much for a portable computer, but it’s better than the MacBook 2012.

The screen of the MacBook Pro 2012 is terrible by modern standards

MacBook mid-2012, not equipped with a Retina display, its resolution is only 900p. The current MacBook displays offer better picture quality, color reproduction and contrast.

The MacBook Pro 2017 better autonomy

At the time MacBook Pro 2012 announced battery life laptops Apple reached 7 hours. Now portable Mac work up to 10 hours without recharging.

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The MacBook Pro 2012 no USB C

USB-C is a relatively new standard, which means the need to purchase adapters. However, the standard of the future. While USB-C has a number of advantages. For example, you can use a single socket and a dongle for connecting other devices and peripherals, which simplifies the process of connecting to the workstation.

Trackpad MacBook Pro 2012 too small

The new “proshek” just a giant trekpada, they are easy to use any gestures for macOS. The trackpad on the old MacBook Pro seems tiny against the background of the new model.

Touch ID is a really useful feature

To use the fingerprint scanner unlock is much easier than entering passwords.

MagSafe is one of the best innovations Apple

It is difficult to imagine how many laptops magnetic connector has saved Apple from falling. Now the company completely switched to USB-C. Now, if you accidentally touches the wire while it is charging, the MacBook will just fall and break.

Why you should not buy a MacBook Pro in top configuration

Despite all the improvements in the new MacBook Pro the journalist does not see sense to spend that kind of money on a new laptop. Because his current computer is fully copes with all tasks.

“In the past spending a lot of money so that my MacBook Pro lasts as long as possible, I actually chained themselves to the old technology as long as I don’t decide to purchase the new model. Since my old laptop copes with all tasks, I can’t justify to myself buying a new MacBook Pro,” writes Antonio villas-Boas.

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The new MacBook Pro better screen, USB latest generation, compact design, more capacious battery and a large trackpad. And this is a very attractive option.

“If I decide to buy a new MacBook Pro, likely to choose a less expensive model, not in the top configuration. So I can do upgrades more frequently and have access to the latest features and technologies”, – concluded the journalist.

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