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Why I won’t upgrade an iPhone every year

Buy iPhones less: only in this situation they will make you happy.

In 2014 I aim to buy an iPhone 6 on the first day of sales. Then I went with a shabby 4S, so looking forward to “six”, which was steeper in all respects. Still perfectly remember standing at the cash register at exactly 10:05 and anxiously punched in the freshest Apple phone.

After that I waited endlessly pleasant rituals: I explored the new features, and shared experiences with other owners of the iPhone 6, gave advice to a friend (“Well, take this or wait for the 6s?”) and generally enjoying the fact that are already enjoying the current Apple smartphone.

Emotions lasted for a couple of weeks – then the device has become a working tool that is no longer evoked enthusiasm.

I was going to skip the generation of 6s, but then looked at personal budget and realized that in principle can indulge in a transition to Plus. By the time iPhones were worth 60-70 thousand, but I too wanted to try out a new size and at the same time to appreciate how cool working 3D Touch.

Here is the ecstasy of the newness lasted only for a few days, one of which took getting used to the 5.5-inch display, and another one to the realization that 3D Touch is relatively useful, but not exactly a revolutionary feature.

Another year passed. Updated the “seven” we didn’t want, but again won the curiosity – thanks to the dual chamber, multi-touch the Home button, black housing and loud speaker.

It is logical that after testing all of this stuff I recognized that 7 Plus a little different from the 6s Plus. But the money has already departed to the store, and for mental profit I never received. Utter longing.

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After the release of iPhone X I don’t even allow the thought that “ten” will not cause me any response. First, the new design and the return glass (I loved the 4S). Second, agonizing six weeks of waiting. Third, the Face ID. In short, a lot of factors that seemed to have done a Shuttle X so cool and justified.

And what can I say? Of course, there is a possibility that I snickering, but now I go with the iPhone 7 Plus and X at the same time, and not feel any superiority of the “tens” over “seven”.

A little faster? It is possible, though barely noticeable. Nicer to hold in your hand? No – 7 Plus too, everything is OK with the ergonomics and quality of materials.

Better camera? Yes, almost same. Better screen? 100% no – 7 Plus it is objectively better.

Accordingly, iPhone X never gave me happiness. But my friends who have updated from earlier models, does call the gadget brilliant. One colleague made a update with iPhone 6 and insists that “ten” is a natural space. Another generally tears with the Xiaomi Redmi, and now don’t understand how you ever lived without iOS and iPhone X. the Third suffered with the iPhone 5s, and now sends, animaze praises Face ID and wonders how it went with a four-inch smartphone.

All adults with a good income, which at the time just abandoned the idea of yearly updates of iPhones.

I have promised myself I will do exactly the same and definitely will restrain myself next year. Better a long walk with an old iPhone, and then excitedly and impatiently to open the box with the new one, than to regularly visit the showrooms of Apple, to spend more than a thousand euros, and then be sad because of the lack of fresh sensations.

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