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Why Google created Android to iPhone?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL submitted this week – iPhone on Android, analysts say Rbc. And it is not that “Pixels” is similar to the Apple (though not without it): for the first time, Google is entirely made device running their software. From the first sketches to the final stage of packaging box, Google controlled the whole production process, knowing exactly what and how should be done and what the result should be.

And turn out to be perfectly optimized for the smartphone own operating system, which, together with other devices would constitute a strong, solid ecosystem. Nothing like?

Of course, before Google had a Nexus line (R. I. P. 2011 to 2016), but its purpose was different. Nexus smartphones was not originally conceived as mass products: it was, first, the object to follow from other manufacturers, and secondly, an ideal test developer phones. They even sold mainly through Google and almost was not advertised. To be honest, the majority of smartphone users about them even really knows for sure. Nexus? Sounds like a regular smartphone some Lenovo.

The shift probably occurred from 6P: all metal case, relatively high — price among all the “Nexus” this was the most “commercial”.

With Pixel Google goes even further: huge banners on the walls of houses in big cities, beautiful commercials, branding “Made by Google”. It seems that desperate to see, finally, the perfect Android smartphone, the search giant gave up and began to solve the problem yourself.

Surprising in it anything is actually there. In developing Android, Google has invested huge forces and means is a platform where the company is building the future of technology. Each new version of the operating system’s new features; some useful, some not. The fact that Android is evolving very rapidly — but, paradoxically, the majority of smartphone users on this system that simply doesn’t know.

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When Google releases Android 7, most smartphones just receive an upgrade to Android 6. And if at all you get: many Chinese brands are usually stop supporting their devices immediately after launch, preferring to quickly rivet a new one.

This is fragmentation, with a huge number of different devices leads to the fact that Google is losing on Android all control. Why create a future if nobody will see? In mountain view years working on Material Design, which will eventually become one of the most successful iterations of visual interfaces in mobile phones — Huawei and LG continue to install in their smartphones own “launcher” in the “material design” only colors.

Version of Android discovered a serious vulnerability — Google just sent a patch on the Nexus. And when it will have your shiny new Galaxy — one more question.

Thousands of models and hundreds of processors, all different, and almost all do not reflect what Google wants to see a modern smartphone.

What about Apple? Unified line, a new version of iOS being tested and driven around. Under each device. Buying an iPhone, you know that it will get updates for at least another four years. You are almost guaranteed to be able to try out everything that Apple believes a breakthrough and important.

In General, you want to do well — do it yourself. And it turned out Google Pixel.

Two smartphones: a compact Pixel (5-inch, Full HD resolution) and Pixel XL bigger (5.5 inch, Quad HD resolution). Otherwise both models are identical in their characteristics, except that the XL is substantially bigger battery. “Pixels” are working on a top processor Qualcomm, Snapdragon 821, and four gigabytes of memory. It is the country’s leading metal casing with a large glass panel on the back cover. Also the fingerprint scanner.

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According to Google, smartphones is the best in the mobile market camera: even better than the iPhone 7.

Google Pixel in the US is like the iPhone 7, $649, is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world. However, he lacks certain important features that have Apple smartphone — moisture protection and optical zoom the large version. This puts him at a disadvantage, so to soften the “iron” deficiencies in Google decided software. In Pixel, the default personal assistant Google Assistant, which embodies the best that Google can offer in a niche of artificial intelligence.

Of course, the idea to control the smartphone with your voice quite risky — that’s why Google has made Home a kind of control center to your house where — that’s good luck! — works exactly the same assistant as in your smartphone.

Google Home is a “smart” column, as already mentioned, with a personal assistant inside. It is possible to link all your smart devices ranging from light bulbs and ending with the TV, and manage, giving the team the column. It recognizes human speech and is able at your command to turn on the TV and run the movie. Tell how correctly to defrost the chicken and bring clothes with stains. All this is verbal, without the need.

You can’t call it a revolution. Given the price and the aura of sanctity around the iPhone, it is difficult even to believe that the Pixel “off”. But for the first time in the history of Android it seems that he’s finally in the right hands. In the hands of their creators who want to make it not just a “system for affordable smartphones”, and the whole technological world that needs to change the real world.

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Not just the same as Google aptly dubbed the Corporation good?

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