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Why global changes in iPhone will happen in 2017

Sources familiar with the production cycle of the iPhone, claim that the new generation of Apple’s smartphone externally will not be very different from the iPhone 6 or 6s. Coming in September, the iPhone 7 will receive only minor changes, whereas global changes Apple is scheduled for 2017. Analyst at Cowen & Co Timothy Arcuri explained why the Cupertino-based company decided this year to take a break and not release a radically redesigned iPhone.

According to the expert, the last six quarters among the current iPhone users on average 33% switching to a new model of the Apple smartphone after its release. The analyst predicts that in the next five quarters, this figure increased to 43%. Thus, the surge of interest among current clients Apple will happen in 2017.

At the moment in the world of work 575 million iPhone. This means that next year, existing users will acquire 275 million devices.

Significant changes in the appearance of the iPhone is expected in the next 2017. iPhone first get rid of the LCD in favor of OLED technology. It is also expected that the device will get a completely glass building, and the fingerprint scanner Touch ID will be embedded directly in the device screen, while the physical Home button will be eliminated in favor of Force Touch technology. Apple design chief Jonathan Ive had for several years committed to the front side of the iPhone looked like a single glass surface.

I must say that deviating from the usual cycle of yearly updates, Apple is risking. Analysts believe that, compared with the year of 2015 iPhone sales will shrink by 1.8% due to the lack of major changes in the design. Such a decision is not likely to appeal to investors and puts the company in an awkward position. However, in 2017 will be a surge in sales of 10.7% due to the innovations in the iPhone 8.

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As usual, Apple does not comment on such statements.

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