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Why does the clock on Android Wear 2.0 will never replace you Apple Watch

Not long ago, Google released an update to Android Wear 2.0, which is intended to improve the performance of the smart watch with the iPhone. In theory the device now with Android Wear should work with Apple gadgets just like the Apple Watch, presenting almost the same functionality. But in practice it is not so.

Smart watch for Android compatible with iPhone for about a year and a half, but their capabilities are severely limited. To a large extent this is due to Apple’s restrictions, particularly the ban on the use of iMessage and the app store. So with version 2.0, Google just integrated Google Play to the watch itself.

This means that after the basic setup accessory will become more independent from the smartphone, will be able to track activity, play music, download apps and more via Wi-Fi and LTE. In fact, watch bypass the limitations of iOS, because all actions are performed not on the smartphone. But not so simple.

Yes, users got functions that were previously unavailable. You can install a third-party dials (which is not the Apple Watch), widgets and applications. This can be done in Google Play on the clock, and through the browser from the computer. In addition, the system allows you to use the Google Assistant, which in some aspects is superior to Siri.

However, there are enough important things that are still not working. For example, iMessage. Apple policy does not allow third-party manufacturers to implement a quick reply to a message in iMessage on the clock. As for the other messengers, the responses of hours is available only with applications that support the reply function on the iPhone. For even in this case, the clock is not available message history and a number of other options.

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These limitations could be accepted, but there are more serious. The Wi-Fi connection is a long and complex process, as you will have to do it manually through the iPhone. Besides, it supports only 2.4 GHz networks. The system itself is often “buggy”, which to work with for hours is very uncomfortable.

The best example of poor integration – the calendar. You can sync your calendar and choose between using the calendar from Google or Apple. But here the problems begin. If you use Google calendar you will only see events from your Google account. If you prefer the Apple calendar, it will be completely synchronized all the events and filter them impossible.

In fact, this problem can be solved. For example, the Pebble watch allows you to choose exactly what to sync. This suggests that getting the watch is not from Apple to work with iPhone is rather difficult, but it is possible to minimize all constraints. Android Wear has all the chances to make the iPhone comfortable, but Google is clearly not trying very hard.

But the main problem with Android Wear 2.0 is that those two timepieces that run on this platform, not good enough by themselves. LG Watch Sport too bulky, but the Watch Style is too small and offer poor functionality. If you activate the always-on display, battery life is reduced significantly. In this mode paired with iPhone LG Watch Style will work for about 10 hours, less than the pair with Android devices. If you do not use Always On, then the clock will last until the evening, but you will lose one of the best features of Android Wear.

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If you are interested in smart watch for iPhone, there is only one question: why buy something else, if you have the Apple Watch? As for Android Wear, the answer is the same as six years ago: buy only if you want a round display instead of square.

All new features of Android Wear 2.0 does not add absolutely nothing that could outshine the Apple Watch. Google tries to make its watch compatible with iOS, but so far the results are not very encouraging.

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