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Why does the Android-flagships of 2016 has no chance against the iPhone

For many it remains a mystery why year after year Apple sells record amount of smartphones, despite dozens of high-end models. Competitors offer all new designs, boast gigabytes, cores, Hertz. But all in vain. From one year to the top managers of Apple to explain why the camera new iPhone takes better than last year’s, and the CPU and GPU are faster. First synthetic tests, and then real tests confirm that the iPhone is really more powerful and better in terms of shooting, than competitive products, despite the superiority of the technical characteristics of the latter.

In 2016, all the major players have already revealed their top Android device. However, the chance, hope to surpass the sales of smartphones, Apple is still zero. What exactly is wrong with the latest flagships of most manufacturers? Resource Overclockers “walked” all the world’s leading manufacturers and their top-end models, telling, what models will be gathering dust on the most prominent places in the electronics stores for the rest of 2016.


HTC in a long time and right something goes wrong. When One X was perceived as a real competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 svezhevyshedshim. But, alas, then the company started going downhill. And the other day HTC presents 10 trend does not change. Concentrated gloom in a different way and not called.

Someone, say, the fourth year in a row interesting the same design style not metal bins, not the street trash? Yes, cut down a couple of facets to the smartphone look more elegant. But without the plastic inserts still not done, plus the entire top face again takes the plastic insert. It stands out for its form – and not for the better.

And it is this part of the case is directed outside most of the time when a modern smartphone is in the hands of the user. Want to be like the man who walks the streets with a TV remote? – buy HTC 10!

And Oh, that protruding camera! Directly on the latest craze of 2014! We can only hope that at least the module with a 12 mega-ultraporcelain (or whatever we should call it?) to ensure good quality.

And the frame, again, these thick frames… 72 mm width of the body diagonal of the screen is 5.2″. Display such a diagonal has a width of 64.8 per mm. for a total of almost 4 mm on each side in the flagship smartphone HTC 2016 being wasted. Well at least the length of the smartphone has decreased…

I’m sorry, but this happened due to the corporate Boom Sound speakers, former bright spot in a sea of despondency previous models. Fortunately, promise that both dynamics are in place. But what they and the smartphone in detail was similar to hundreds of other manufacturers – so when someone cared?

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One can argue about the characteristics of the smartphone, and wherever you find that there is nothing outstanding here. But what’s the point if it is clear before you take it in your hands? Let me give you another example. That’s why Samsung managed to make a gadget with a screen 5.5″ and the battery 3 600 mAh with the same size, which has a 5.2-inch HTC 10 to 20% less capacious battery? No answer? No sales of the new flagship.

So, will not and market share in the middle segment, where the prices of products HTC has long been inadequate from the word “completely”. Yes, the notorious Samsung. But both they and Apple can afford to sell the SE model like the iPhone and Galaxy A3/Galaxy A5 at exorbitant prices just because of their flagships all right. This locomotive, pulling a all other models. And HTC for a long time they don’t even steam-powered and horse-drawn.

Even in Russia, the manufacturer plans to sell only a simplified version HTC 10 Lifestyle. You have to understand that in domestic market realities to provide a reasonable price and normal profit margin for long chains, greedy intermediaries. But even if you’re lucky, and it will be at the level of $ 40,000, it will still be a failure.


What Meizu and Huawei are doing in line with HTC, Sony and LG? The fact of the matter is that the last brand was so devalued its image, which had long been associated with the upper segment of the leading manufacturers. So, the middle of once glorious past, the dismal present and a hopeless future.

So, Meizu. The Chinese comrades, too, had just introduced a new shame-flagship – 6 Pro. And this, I tell you, the beach cleaner 10 HTC. In the last two generations of models have been Pro flagship “phablets” of the company with a display diagonal of 5.5″? Don’t care!

We will make one top-end device with a 5.2-inch screen! Well, what a ride, when we changed the format of the model name with the MX4 Pro on Pro 5? Here and change the form factor of the device itself is a ride! The main thing is to do it with a confident expression.

But on the sly will prune features. We still in the same MX4 Pro was 2.5 K display? It’s okay, survive and Full HD! In contrast to the same “caved” HTC. And even Meizu have at least the width of the housing is kept within 70,8 mm – total limiting exactly three millimeters thick. So. However, it still hurt when the new model at a higher price some characteristics become worse.

And if the situation with the screen resolution it is still possible to explain, the enraged audiophiles can’t prove it. The flagship Meizu bought for the sound quality. And when starting with the model MX4, it began to deteriorate in comparison with the predecessors, audiophiles sounded the alarm. But in the models of “Pro” manufacturer consistently listed components used, and reviewers continued to praise them for the quality of the headphones, comparing with the specialized players.

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Well, meet the first flagship Meizu, apparently, without a separate audio at all. However, it was lyrical introduction. The main problems of the Meizu Pro 6 found. And it’s not a ring flash, more like women’s jewelry. Curves and strips of plastic inserts, which must be forged a special cauldron in hell for designers Meizu. But two simple things: the lack of memory card slot and battery with a capacity of 2 560 mAh.

In ancient times, Meizu was known for its excellent ratio of price and quality. Smartphones can be ordered from China or overpay a little on the spot to dealers, receiving sanatorogo great product, completely ready to work in our environment.

But then there were national representatives, who decided that the margin of the sellers of 10-15% is serious, and approached the matter with the Russian scope. They have set prices in a good one and a half times higher than at home manufacturer. And that the buyers had created a fair desire to twist a finger at a temple and go to order the phone from China, agreed with the manufacturer about software limitations. Now to buy the smartphone Meizu forced to overpay Patriotic “businessmen”.


P9 is almost a perfect example, “standard” – though now in the chamber of weights and measures. Here available all: the price is too high, like the best leaders, and average characteristics, controversial and unique features of a series of “innovation for innovation’s sake”.

Well okay, HiSilicon processors of the last generations look really good and not particularly inferior to top competitors from Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek. Yes and the version with three or four gigabytes of RAM – quite in the spirit of the time. The screen resolution of Full HD, the case is metal with a width of less than 71 mm – everything is fine.

And so the diagonal 5.2″ evokes the feeling that the producers of the second echelon in this year conspired. Rather, they just copied last year’s Sony and Samsung, hoping that the market leaders finally found the perfect form factor. How would they know that the Koreans will roll out in the body of the same size smartphone with 5.5-inch screen?

A unique solution with two cameras created in cooperation with Leica is interesting, but in practice, as always, the machine will remove very average.

Whether it is 50 000 rubles, which according to rumors will ask for the smartphone in the official retail – decide for yourself…. The device is revalued at least two and a half times. Think this is a record worthy of Guinness.

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The Japanese manufacturer long suffered, suffered, puffed, sweated, but by the fourth generation Xperia Z3 (numbered but three, it was still “zero” Xperia Z) still brought to mind my own line of glass “sandwiches”. And he was lucky that in that year, Samsung managed it with the Galaxy S5. It seemed that she victory is closer than ever.

And like the manufacturer did correctly, running a promising solution for smartphones other series – take the same “planshetofon” C5 Dual Xperia with ultra-thin frames. But, alas, in the flagship line of this decision is not matter.

And karacali there for some reason and I need a 4K screen. 400, 800 ppi inch – still the difference is not visible. But no, must “be not such as all”, It’s a Sony as it is.

Fortunately, no interesting decisions, like really conveniently located gauge imprint on the side of the power button in Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium, too, was not. And these smartphones still still look better than all the above misunderstandings. But with the best of the competitors to argue they could not.

Alas, new line-X again does not bring anything new. You a killer combination of weight and size with a display size and battery capacity. Even the questionable utility of very high resolution screens. Narrow frame… but only in another phone – Xperia XA – middle price segment and in the plastic housing. Fashion solution, do not say anything!

Well, the flagships came out neversfelde nowhere – just like any HTC or Huawei. Here is the answer why they are in the same boat.


Another manufacturer who not just tries to progressively develop and improve your products – it is the second largest Korean giant LG. The best flagship (corrected at time of release) from them so far and remains a model of G2.

But after it started some sudden throwing and ridiculous experiments. The resolution of the display: the matrix was dark, the smartphone is inhibited, and the battery life is not happy.

The materials of the case: Oh, this magical blend of natural leather and chromed plastic – that is, probably, in the headquarters of Vertu good laugh when they found out about it…

Now with replaceable parts. Thus the size of smartphones, the battery life, the audio part, software – all average or below.

Design? No, not heard! Balanced characteristics? How is it? We will focus on one feature, and will do all the rest “leave me alone”! Hell, even this very feature select on the same principle!

Well, there you and the road, expensive – count on at least any significant sales for products such as LG G5 is the top of the crête… optimism. Better models like the LG V10 developed, the right word.

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