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Why does everyone hate the new Skype

Microsoft has radically changed the design of the application Skype, and everything went wrong. The company now gets a painful feedback from users of the service. Resource 42.tut leads the journalist Tom Warren.

The new version of Skype became available for Android users in the past month, and iPhone a few weeks ago. Microsoft decided that their vision of how to make communication in Skype as bright and emotional as in real life, like users. However, it’s more complicated App Store exhibit, one after another, minimum estimates of the updated application.

Ratings Skype all over the world collapsed. In the British App Store, the program is estimated at 1 star out of 5, Russian and American — 1.5 stars.

“Last update — the most hastily made thing I’ve seen recently, writes one reviewer in the App Store. — The structure does not look like Skype, chat system is a mess, “Moments” are just screaming “We want to be as successful as SnapChat””.

Users criticize the app. Even in the Google Play Store, where the overall status is not dependent on the version, the rating of Skype began to decline due to the number of units received in recent weeks.

“Microsoft has radically redesigned Skype to focus more on messaging, and it changed what people are used to Skype, writes Warren. Instead of fixing the disadvantages associated with notifications and unreliable synchronization, Microsoft painted over the obvious problems with new features that allow you to use Emoji video call or share “Moments”, very similar to Snapchat”.

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Other popular messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, according to the expert, stick to the basics, without changing the design radically. WhatsApp’s success is largely due to its simplicity and responsive design.

“Now Microsoft needs to either return to simplicity, ever moving forward and hope that Skype users will accept these big changes and not leave to others,” writes Warren.

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