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Why do you need to uninstall the antivirus from your Mac if you installed it

The debate about whether to use antivirus software on Macs being long. Despite popular belief about the high level of security macOS, there are those who believe in the necessity of installing additional protection for Apple computers. One of the developers of Firefox Robert O Callahan argues that antivirus is useless and even harmful. The programmer said that these software products need not only to Mac, but even on computers running Windows. You must delete them and not waste any more money on the purchase of such decisions.

“There is almost no evidence that the top antivirus products somehow improve network security. Rather, they significantly harm her. For example, look at the bugs in antivirus software, discovered by Google Project Zero. They indicate not only that these products are open to most types of attacks, but their developers generally do not follow standard security practices,” writes O Callahan.

According to experts, the effectiveness of antivirus software had not been proven by anyone. In this case, as expressed by O Callahan, antivirus software poison the entire ecosystem of the OS in General, as their poorly written code complicates the work of developers of browsers and other software, interfering with them to improve security.

This is mainly for paid antivirus products, which on the Mac are a large number. Because if you set a useless thing for free is one thing, but if you set a useless thing for the money and continue to pay — is another.

Moreover, antivirus software can not always be called neutral useless, because they consume CPU resources and battery power on laptops, so users have more to give computing resources to these “cash cows” of the information security market. And most importantly — third-party security scanning can seriously affect the security of the Mac.

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“When your product crashes at startup due to the interference of the antivirus, users will blame your product instead of antivirus. Worse, if your antivirus product will become extremely slow and bloated and users decide that the way it is,” says the engineer.

As told by O Callahan, the most well-known commercial anti — virus software- dozens of vulnerabilities. We are talking about those bugs that are typically discovered by third party researchers or are already actively being exploited by malware. Antivirus developers are trying to close these bugs, but many users do not update the antivirus and do not install patches. In addition, the upgrade will not help if the attackers are aware of other vulnerabilities, about which information is not leaked to the public. The antivirus installed in your operating system at the lower level, and cracking it is possible to obtain full access to the file system, up to the OS loader.

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