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Why do you need a new lamp? As a Mac user tried to switch to MacBook Pro 2016, and it did not work

I think everyone, and maybe not just faced with an overwhelming desire to upgrade your laptop. You want diversity, new features and functionality. Someone just tired of your old gadget or it has failed. The reason for that to be updated a lot and each they own. Fan of Apple computers from 3Dnews told about how he tried to go with the MacBook Pro 2015 new model with a Touch panel Bar. The result was, but only for a while.


I must admit I always loved the MacBook Pro and tried never to think about what would happen if I suddenly forced to move to another computer. Apple has steadily updated line, and no problems with the transition from an older version of MacBook Pro to a newer I have not encountered. I distinctly remember the moment when it passed from your old, fat MacBook Pro to a new “tag” with Retina display. Those things that had to sacrifice for a thinner body, no compassion is not aroused.

Did not FireWire? To hell with it, I have never in my life have not had to use it. Removed Ethernet? Nothing, at home, at work and in public places long ago have Wi-Fi. Gone optical drive? Well, nice, it’s time to get rid of it. In General, the transition happened as painless as possible. The next generation of Pro-line didn’t contain anything fundamentally new, but new processors and trackpads appearance with Force Touch. But with the MacBook Pro sample of 2016, it was much harder.

Now, when behind two months of use the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016, I have to admit: it’s not as bad as it seemed before.

MacBook Pro no longer, and we ourselves are to blame

I must admit that in the bulk of the MacBook Pro – not hardcore professionals working with photo, video, sound or computer graphics. Not at all. The typical owner of a “professional” Mac is a hipster, not constrained in the media, which just like the looks of his computer. Of course, professionals still use Mac, but from the business point of view, their share is extremely small. Alas, I cannot give specific figures. But you just look around. The guy behind the table on the right uses 13-inch MacBook Pro as a typewriter, terminal for distribution of likes on “Facebook” as a prefix for browser games. Girl from another Department is unlikely to mounts video most likely, she sometimes solitaires, watches soap operas, and the browser never opens more than five or six tabs. No, I’m not exaggerating. Among users of the MacBook Pro became too much of those who, figuratively speaking, hammering nails with a microscope. And there is no more “Think Different”, now the MacBook Pro is the mainstream, and Apple has long sought to do so.

The good news is that technically the MacBook Pro still fits for the most hardcore of tasks, but from the point of view of ergonomics, things got much worse. This is how to buy a new floor lamp and learn that instead of the usual light bulbs E14/E27, which are in every store, you now need to pre-order special items or buy an adapter (again, same brand, for only $49,99) and accept the fact that the lamp extends slightly beyond the canopy. Well, another example, specifically for photographers. Imagine that you bought a Nikon D7 or Canon EOS 5D Mark VIII, instead of the old mount lenses the new. But all of your optics, which you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars, the new camera does not fit, a new lens in sufficient quantity will not be another two or three years. I exaggerate, of course, but now you know that it can feel man for whom the MacBook Pro has always been convenient working tool.

The large trackpad for a bigger trackpad

For a long time the MacBook Pro was the biggest touch panel among laptops. After tachpadom tiny Windows-based laptops to sit at the MacBook Pro was very nice. But time passes, and in a competing sect appeared gesture support, and the average size of the touchpad has grown twice. Apple has decided to regain the lead in the most obvious way, making the trackpad more. I said that 99% of users anything from this win. Fine graphics is unthinkable without a Wacom’or, at worst, no mouse, and gestures, and so space was enough.

But suddenly a familiar artist was asked an interesting question that is certainly raised among designers Apple. Can this trackpad to be as sensitive to touch as the iPad Pro? So it is as comfortable drawing stylus. Theoretically, Yes. And here is the big size will only be a plus, but in the current iteration of the tangible benefits the large trackpad does not work.

But Touch ID is, of course, very cool and great. Generally, the fingerprint scanner in a laptop is not a new phenomenon. Corporate models were equipped with them in the early 2000s, maybe even earlier. But only Apple could implement a fingerprint sensor properly. Everything works exactly the same as on the iPhone, to unlock, to confirm purchases in the App Store and iTunes, Apple Pay. It can be assumed that in an individual application it will be possible to enter the fingerprints from my set of software at the time of writing the columns, no program of such a function is proposed.

Touch Bar as a thing in itself

Again, the idea of additional laptop screen is not so fresh, but here again, Apple is the lead innovator. Touch Bar looks absolutely awesome and definitely adds to the novelty of the appearance of the laptop, despite the fact that design in General has not changed much. But some of the functions which are assigned to it, seem frankly far-fetched. For example, switching between tabs in the browser. It works great, when you have 2-3 or even 5-6 tabs, but when they are 20 or 30, go poke in the right becomes difficult. Moreover, on the preview tab you can’t consider.

But the main thing which strikes me is the senselessness is a tooltip when typing. This function works great in your smartphone, when you are typing on a small onscreen keyboard, trying to catch up with the departing train in the subway, but in a laptop with chic hardware keyboard (I say this completely without sarcasm, the new keyboard is the bomb, and I am sure that among laptops on Windows in the near future will begin the most shameless copying) is completely useless. Select the current month in the calendar looks quite organically, as well as the slider to change the selected option images in a graphic editor. It is especially nice that the dialog box does not overlap the image on the main screen and allows to see better the end result. But moving the position on the timeline in Final Cut becomes uncomfortable, if the movie is long enough. Anyway, the functionality of the Touch Bar in the near future remains to be addressed. And I, as it turned out, not against this kind of innovations, but on the new approach to ports and connectors, I still can not say this.

Less need, more unnecessary

To accept the absence of the usual USB ports, HDMI and card reader difficult. Yes, on all occasions now there’s adapter. Both from Apple and from third parties. But if you look at the problem more broadly, it turns out that in Cupertino have made the laptop smaller and lighter in order that we then compensated for this difference by external devices. If I could put in a backpack a laptop that weighed two kilograms, now the “weight loss” kompensiruet a bundle of additional accessories. And even if in the end the weight is less, the transport of such set hard to call comfortable. An essential set in my case looks like this: laptop, charger, adapter, USB, SD card, USB-C to USB universal adapter for HDMI, USB and USB-C.

But the most devastating loss is, of course, a MagSafe connector. I can call myself a neat person – I always look at your feet, try not putting equipment in a potentially dangerous place, but often have to work in a cramped press center and meeting rooms, where full of wanting to stumble over my wire. Before I wasn’t worried about it, but now I have to watch all with triple guard. Yes, there are already some adapter with magnetic connector, but do not forget that if there is such a you will have one connector less, and there are only four. In my opinion, for MacBook Pro this is not enough.

Another thing that does not fit in my head is a voice assistant in the computer. To tell you the truth, I don’t use Siri iPhone. For all time of existence of the Siri in iPhone I could not think of a single situation when it would be necessary for me. But I can easily imagine a situation when you may need it, behind the wheel, for example, is much easier to create a reminder using Siri. Or to call someone. But why all this on the computer where it offers the most convenient and advanced controls? There is no answer.

I’m not lazy and interviewed all the friends, who managed to get MacBook Pro 2016. These were as many as 9 people, but none of them that Siri does not use. A while regularly turn to the voice assistant on the iPhone. Perhaps in the future something will change, but until it doesn’t make much sense.

The best laptop that I won’t buy

Is it possible to say that the MacBook Pro sample 2016 – a good computer? Of course! It’s still the best laptop on the market. Anyone who goes on a MacBook Pro with something like a Dell or Lenovo will be ecstatic. The one who after MacBook Air decide to fork out for something more, too, will not leave disappointed. But if we talk about professionals, long and firmly sitting on the Mac, everything is not so clear. I remember how a friend then complained about life after his employer replaced the old Mac Pro new, and I still comforted him, saying, relax, buddy, get used to it, and all will be well. For three years he never used, and today I truly understand his frustration, looking at the MacBook Pro 2016 in comparison with his trusty MacBook Pro 2015.

I am absolutely sure that Apple will be able to improve the functionality of the Touch Bar, the problem with the lack of ports will be decided in the next year, when all the polls go to USB S. I have no doubt that over time we will look at an old keyboard and don’t understand how we could work on the keys with such a large reserve. But at the moment to change the old “tag” on the new I’m not ready, despite the fact that I have long wanted to update the main working tool.

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