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Why are manufacturers of Android smartphones should be wary of iPhone SE

First look at iPhone SE, which apparently is an exact copy of iPhone 5s, but with the hardware of the iPhone 6s, is all Android manufacturers alarming. LG publicly stated that it is not afraid of the phone, calling it “outdated”. However, the iPhone portends for SE Android-vendors serious trouble.

Apple can get good profit from iPhone SE: last year she sold about 30 million 4-inch iPhone that do not have top-end specs. iPhone SE much more attractive, given that power it is comparable to the iPhone 6s.

According to analysts IHS, the manufacturing the 16-Gigabyte iPhone SE $399 it costs Apple just $156,20 (hardware) plus $4 (Assembly). The model with 64 GB for $400 — only $11 more expensive and only because of memory. The most expensive components of a smartphone screen ($20), processor Apple A9 ($22) and the modem ($15), battery costs only $2,15.

So Apple makes profit of $239 and $328, respectively, with each sold iPhone SE with 16 and 64 GB of memory. If you multiply it by tens of millions, turns round dial, notes Mobile Review.

Turns out that Android manufacturers sell amazingly cheap their devices, while Apple manages to make money from your “cheap” iPhone. Although to call it because in reality it is impossible: the price of the iPhone SE corresponds to the cost of Android flagships.

Cost reduction, however, does not mean that Apple has to compromise with the quality. Screens to their Apple devices orders from Japan Display, LG Display and Sharp.

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If the numbers are accurate, then one can only imagine that Apple will be able to issue in a few years. Not even a single manufacturer of smartphones running Android. Because no one but Apple, recycle their old models. Apple, by combining parts from different generations of smartphones, including the latest cases and the latest chip generations that will be able in the future to create a truly cheaper iPhone, and iPhone SE — yet “test flight”.

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