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Why are all the best apps come out on iOS before Android

Despite the fact that Android is much more widespread than iPhone, best apps always come out on iOS before: to recall, for example, the application launch Periscope from Twitter, which was released on iOS for a couple of weeks earlier than on Android. Why is it so? First, the owners of iOS-devices corny bring more money to the developers, because according to statistics, earn more and are willing to spend more on software. Secondly, Apple did an amazing job, greatly simplifying the life of the release.

As you know, last year Apple introduced a new programming language – Swift – who has promised not only make application development easier than Objective-C, but also to protect from many common mistakes developers when writing applications in other languages. According to sources interviewed by the newspaper Bloomberg, Swift gained a huge popularity among programmers.

“Swift receives from developers with good safety ratings (as in your code it is difficult to make a mistake) and the present (as it offers all the same functions as other popular programming languages), explains Bloomberg. – Another key factor is the expression: programmers to easily bring their idea to the computer. Swift is considered to be more simple and convenient language than Objective C because programmers can achieve the same results using less code”.

At the same time developing for the fragmented Android platform is a more laborious process: developers have to create many versions of your app for older versions, since the device is updated very slowly. The most common version of Android – KitKat, presents more than two years ago. The second most popular version of Jelly Bean was released three years ago. Lollipop, which debuted last year, is only used by 12% of Android devices worldwide.

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Of course, all this does not mean that iOS is objectively better than Android, and mobile app developers continue to develop many excellent applications for the operating system of Google, because it has a huge number of users. But if you own an Android device and you wonder why “Apple” get all the cool apps before you – know, there’s a good reason.

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