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Why Apple won’t release a truly professional MacBook Pro?

Recently Dell introduced the 15-inch Precision 5520 laptop with the latest Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics and a 4K display for users who work with graphics. “If Dell is ready to offer a camera of this level, why Apple can’t release a truly professional MacBook Pro?” asked the iMore editor Rene Ritchie.

Last year he released a new MacBook Pro, which is characterized by a new design and a touch panel of the Touch Bar. Ritchie believes that the new model is perfect for the new, emerging segment of professional users, but not for “traditional upscale market that is always guided on a Mac.”

“This is done at the expense of classic professional users. At least for those who prefer Mac. These users feel abandoned, as in the days when Apple was on the verge of collapse. Now, when the company is doing well, the situation repeats itself, abandoned them in favor of younger and more dynamic audience,” writes Richie.

Analysts have repeatedly argued that Apple should put netbooks. Ignoring these trends, the company was able to achieve success, while most manufacturer’s netbooks were out of the game. Now the geeks want to be the company released “really a computer professional” processor Kaby Lake, Nvidia 1080 and 64 GB of RAM.

Listen to any of Apple professionals? Judging by the fact that the last time the company updated the Mac Pro four years ago – is unlikely. For most users it is enough that offers MacBook Pro 2016, and the geeks, the company no longer interesting.

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