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Why Apple will kill iPhone X. it’s not just the price

Analysts report that in 2018 Apple will stop making iPhone X, which debuted recently. Paul Gorodnitsky – why in the world are doing everything correctly.

Last week, Russian and foreign IT-media massively quoting chief expert of KGI, Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo. This reputable gentleman said that in September next year, Apple will cover the tenth edition of the iPhone.

“The model did not meet financial expectations – for example, in China don’t buy X”, – this is the main reason for the imminent death of the flagship.

The Russian edition was immediately engaged in a rapid analysis. The essence of this analysis was quickly reduced to a panic: the journalists noticed that the old iPhone 6s (2015 release) still for sale, and fresh iPhone X in October, will disappear from Apple’s website.

The verdict here arises only one: “ten” – the collapse, failure and disgrace of the Corporation from Cupertino.

In fact, the reaction to potential getting rid of iPhone X only confirms that people have a short memory.

But sometimes you need to turn the brain. Just in case let me remind you:

The first iPhone (aka iPhone 2g) – went on sale in June 2007, went to the cemetery in July 2008.

iPhone 5 – debuted in September of 2012, went to his grave exactly one year later.

iPhone 3G lived for two years. iPhone 6 – also two. From the “first” models (i.e. those with a new design) long stretched iPhone 4 – three years, from 2010 to 2013. And for the Indian market the Quartet released until may 2014, but this is a nuance.

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Overall, the conclusion is clear: 365 days is a pretty standard lifetime for both models of the iPhone, which has an updated case.So “ten” is certainly not the worst smartphone in Apple’s history. Rather, the contrary.

Now, why iPhone X SWAT like a mosquito.

First, he’s really expensive, but not only for buyers ($1,000 – greasy), but for most Apple. Why old iPhones usually stay on sale? Because they are profitable to trade and discount. And iPhone X – unprofitable. Because of the crazy price’s on parts Tim cook is easier to throw the “ten” lineup, than to earn it, too.

Second, Apple is clearly rethink its entire line of frameless iPhones – talked about this same Ming-Chi Kuo. On a vacant place iPhone X comes another iPhone with the same design, but seriously, overhand, accelerated Face ID, an improved processor and other chips. Moreover, there should be a huge (at 6.3-6.5 inches according to various sources) iPhone X Plus – it is also to be expected.

The role of the “budget” iPhone is a metal model without the OLED screen, top-end camera and processor A12. This device will cost about $ 700-800 at the start – as many would have cost the “old” iPhone X (2017), if it continues in the range.

So Apple goes completely reasonable.

By the end of next year the actual model range will look like this:

– iPhone X (2018) – new bezrobotnych;

– iPhone X Plus – frameless SmartPad;

– iPhone 9 (?) mass bezrobotnych for those who pity to spend $ 1,000. The same compromise in 2013 became the iPhone 5c;

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– iPhone SE second generation – read about it here. SE the first generation will fly into the basket;

– iPhone 8/8 Plus – greetings from the past. iPhone 6s/7 – goodbye.

Agree, the lineup of the future looks much slimmer than now, when on the Apple website at the same time sell iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Waiting for releases.

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