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Why Apple will delay the release of the iPhone 8

The last seven or eight years, Apple has followed a predictable pattern. Each fall, representatives of the company told the stage why the previous iPhone is not so good, but instead we need to buy a new model. At first the novelty will be officially presented from the stage, after a week of open pre-orders, and after a week will start selling new items. In the case of iPhone 8 everything can change.

Close to Apple sources suggest that the jubilee flagship, also appearing in leaks under the title iPhone X and iPhone Edition, will be announced on schedule in September, but will not go on sale until the end of autumn or even 2018. The delay is due to problems that the manufacturer encountered during the implementation of new technologies.

But things can be even easier. It is expected that the iPhone 8 will be the largest update in recent years. And Apple already has a certain tradition of launching these important products. Remember the original iPhone model. Steve jobs took the stage on 9 January 2007 and demonstrated a new world, but the device went through six months in June.

As was the case with “smart” clock Apple Watch, which was announced in September 2014, and on the shelves of the stores they appeared six months later in April 2015.

No wonder, if Apple will introduce the iPhone 8 in September, and will release it in a sale much later. Thus, the manufacturer will be sufficient time for the finalization of innovative technologies. As a result, users will receive a finished product without unforeseen hardware problems (like problems with signal reception in the iPhone 4) or innovations that require software updates, as in the case of portrait mode shooting on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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In addition, developers can implement new features of iOS 11 in your own applications at the time of receipt of the smartphone on the market.

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