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Why Apple Watch ads always show the time 10:09?

In 2007, Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2010 came iPad, in 2014, debuted the Apple Watch. All these gadgets have become the revolutionary products that changed the way users on mobile devices. Three years after the release of Apple Watch remain the most popular “smart” watch, occupying more than 50% of the market.

Have you ever noticed that “smart” watches Apple Watch, presented in official commercials, advertising, display on the site always show the same time? Yes, it is 10:09 am.

This isn’t a Fluke, and Apple has the whole story on this. Most Swiss watch manufacturers in the show is traditionally one and the same time. Rolex is at 10:10:31, TAG Heuer – 10:10:37, Bell & Ross – 10:10:10. At this time, the arrows are symmetrically and does not cover the logo of the device. While the Swiss always displayed the time 10:10.

But Apple decided to change those rules. On all promotional videos and screenshots of the Apple Watch repeated one and the same time “10:09”, ie before 10:10. According to one version of cupertinos thus decided to show that “ahead of time”. The company’s chief designer Jonathan Ive at the time said Switzerland “will face big problems” after the release of the Apple Watch.

Another assumption suggests that the position of the hour and minute hands for 10 hours and 9 minutes respectively, allow you to achieve greater symmetry of the photo.

By the way, watch iPhone also always show the same time – 9:41. The explanation at the time gave the former ex-head of Apple’s iOS development Scott Forstall. Usually Apple creates presentations to the highlight of the presentation had on the fortieth minute. So when the first big picture of the iPhone appears on the screen, it should be the time closest to the time on the clock, the audience in the hall.

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After the release of the iPad in 2010, the corresponding figures were repeated on the screen of the tablet. Accidents do not happen at Apple, in the company are accustomed to think of everything.

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