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Why Apple stopped developing their own 4K TV

In the bowels of Apple definitely engendered something called “Apple TV”. For many years it was rumored that the California giant will offer modern TV. And, according to available information, Apple seems to really have developed their own television panel, however, refused this idea.

According to Mediasat, Apple has considered the possibility of using different technologies for the production of their TV. For some time the company was also exploring the possibility of installing TVs in transparent displays with laser illumination. Such panels are used as light source red laser diode and blue-green LEDs is widely used for the backlight based on white LEDs. This solution allows to achieve more accurate colors and expanded color space.

In the end, Apple abandoned the idea because the price is too high. Later in Cupertino considered the possibility of their 4K TV panels, and even thought about including them in version brand video chat FaceTime, is able to direct the camera at whoever is currently speaking.

In the end, Apple decided that even FaceTime will not be able sufficiently to become what will distinguish iTV models from competitors. The company, of course, not officially abandoned the project, but also gave him his start. The team working on the device actually was disbanded – employees were sent to other departments.

At least one person still wish Apple continued to develop the iTV project. The company investor named Carl ican sent an open letter to Tim cook, in which he expressed his belief that next year Apple should be presented to the public its first television set, and in 2020 – electric car.

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At the time, as the plans of Apple to create the actual TV is very vague, plans for TV as a platform is much more clear. Since the beginning of 2015 there are rumours that the company has already prepared something for users of Apple TV, which will be explained in detail next month at WWDC 2015.

And although the company has never officially confirmed it, the media has repeatedly reported that Apple is developing its own video platform, which will be available on the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

As we approach WWDC, which will be held from 8 to 12 June, we can expect all new information about the company’s plans for the next generation of Apple TV.

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