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Why Apple still sells a MacBook Pro 2012 without Retina display?

In 2012 Apple released the 13-inch MacBook Pro without retina display for $1199. Four years later the device without a Retina display and HDD-the drive is still represented in the line of Apple laptops. Why Apple continues to sell the outdated car?

Developer Marco Arment believes that there are several objective reasons. First, not all users are critical of the screen resolution. Despite the fact that Apple has translated almost all of the devices on the ultra-crisp displays, there are those who do not consider it a strong argument to overpay. Secondly, this is the only MacBook with a DVD drive, FireWire and Ethernet.

13-inch MacBook Pro without Retina display is the latest laptop from Apple, in which you can increase the amount of RAM. The upgrade kit OWC allows you to double the RAM for only about $100.

“If you have nothing against third-party RAM and drives, you can add RAM up to 16GB and hard drive up to 2 TB for only $1457. Or you can pay $1610 for the upgrade to a terabyte SSD,” says Arment. Modern MacBook Pro with Retina display with a similar processor, 16 GB of RAM SSD and 1TB will cost $2700.

“Although the new MacBook Pro thinner, lighter, longer battery life and a fast SSD, they have a very low maintainability and missing DVD, FireWire, and Ethernet. Many buyers will be happy to save $1100 and will use the bulkier, slower but more versatile machine,” added the developer.

“I’m on the side of those who would not advise to buy this model. But if a person has a limited budget, it needs more disk space or don’t care about the screen resolution, I have no argument against the 13-inch MacBook Pro,” said Arment.

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