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Why Apple should remove the prefix “Pro” from the name of the 13-inch MacBook Pro

At the end of October, Apple has unveiled new generation MacBook Pro models, 2016. It is believed, however, that the company was worth to abandon the prefix “Pro” in the name of the device. We are talking about base 13-inch model without touch panel Touch Bar.

Let’s start with the fact that the notebook performance is much higher than it might seem at first glance.

Many, looking at the specifications of new items, complain of the weak technical characteristics. The cost of the 13-inch MacBook Pro starts from 119 990 rubles, and its equipment includes a processor Intel Core i5 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, integrated video card Intel Iris 540 and SSD to 256 GB. For comparison, the HP Spectre x360 price 115 990 rubles based on the chip Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel HD 620. On paper, the HP laptop beats MacBook Pro, but is it so in real use scenarios? After all, how does software and hardware is very important.

For the test we uploaded a 6 minute clip in Full HD to Adobe Premiere on HP laptop and Final Cut on a MacBook. Rendering with a high bitrate and codec N. 264 took 1 minute and 23 seconds on the MacBook. The best result is 4 times less than the length of the video. The same operation on HP Spectre took almost 9 minutes. Many can ask a reasonable question: “Why don’t we compare Apple with Apple, Adobe Premiere with Adobe Premiere?”. The answer is simple – in the case of MacBook, you pay not only for hardware but also for software preinstalled. If Apple offers for professional video editing, then why should we use products from other companies?

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Another thing that is not listed on the specs page – speed SSD-drive. The write speed but the MacBook Pro reaches 1345 MB/s and read speed reaches up to 3000 MB/s which exceeds the limit for the measurement. If you take the same HP Spectre, its write speed is 600 MB/s and read 1600 MB/s. What do all these numbers? Take the 26 GB file and copy it to HP – it takes 1 minute and 24 seconds. The same operation on the MacBook Pro will take only 34 seconds.

Another plus of “Apple” laptop – excellent stereo speakers that give a more pure sound compared to the MacBook Pro and HP Spectre. The display of the new MacBook Pro is gorgeous, the range of brightness and colors at the highest level.

The MacBook Pro 2016, there are huge number of advantages, although not without its shortcomings. Firstly, it is, of course, no SD slot, that would be a problem for photography enthusiasts. Apple wants to show us the wireless future, but for now, still have to buy an adapter. The rejection of the MagSafe can be called a controversial decision, but Thunderbolt 3 in the form factor of a USB-C is also good. Most interesting is that you can charge your laptop via any port and not just the brand Apple charger, but any other, including portable. Another advantage of USB Type-C – is speed. If you connect an external SSD to last year’s MacBook, then the read speed will be around 400-500 MB/s, however when I connect my SSD to USB cable-C read speed of up to 800 MB/s.

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Like any other device, MacBook Pro 2016 has its pros and cons, but its name causes confusion. If you go to the official Apple’s online store, you will find the 13-inch MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports 3 and without the touch pad and 13-inch MacBook Pro with four ports and macbroom. For those who understand the technology, it will not be a big problem, but people who are far from technology, simply do not know what to do. Apple easier life would be if he called the base model MacBook. In this case the line will look more carefully – the 12-inch MacBook with one connector, 13-inch MacBook with two connectors. If you need more ports, then consider a 13 – or 15-inch MacBook Pro. The base model of the new laptop is a great solution, and the rejection of the prefix “Pro” in the title hardly would have made it less valuable.

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