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Why Apple refuses from the headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

According to network sources, Apple has decided to abandon the standard headphone Jack in the iPhone 7. Many do not agree with this decision. To date, more than 200,000 people signed a petition for the preservation of the usual 3.5 mm audio port. But there is one good reason that explains the necessity of such a step.

Users believe that Apple should not seek to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7 due to the 3.5 mm connector, replacing the legacy method of connecting to wireless headphones or Lightning. However, the real reason probably has no relation to the thickness of the smartphone and associated with the display of the future iPhone.

Designer from San Francisco, CA Matt Galligan suggested that Apple is going to increase the screen area in the future generations of the iPhone. According to him, the company has developed technology that will increase the phone’s screen and create a device with display “from edge to edge” and no physical buttons. This iPhone will be less bulky than models from the current range.

The press has also been published already enough circumstantial evidence that in the foreseeable future Apple is planning to remove the Home button.

“It’s the space inside the housing. Just take your headphones and instead of connecting them to your iPhone, attach the connector on the front side of the device. Now you can see that Jack almost gets to the border of the display? They can’t make the headphone Jack went under the screen!”, writes Matt Galligan.

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Removing headphone Jack and a mechanical key, Apple intends to reduce the dimensions of the iPhone, thus increasing the useful area of the display. In fact, the display panel will be a big key. The designer refers to the two Apple’s application, which referred to the introduction of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID into the screen.

In fact, the biometric module is the only thing needed now is a physical Home button. The company just needed to change some algorithms interaction with the operating system iOS. Besides the introduction of a convenient method of return to the home screen Apple needs to implement methods of calling special features for people with disabilities and Siri, which is also still bound to the main iPhone button.

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