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Why Apple refused Touch ID scanner in the iPhone 8 use 3D facial recognition [video]

During the event MWC 2017 in Shanghai, Qualcomm introduced the fingerprint sensor of new generation, which can be integrated into a smartphone display. Says a leading analyst of KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple abandoned this technology, and the first ultrasonic sensors in Android smartphones will appear not soon.

According to the expert, Qualcomm must have to solve some technical problems. In particular, we are talking about the read speed of the imprint and the quality of the sensors using different materials.

In the Internet appeared the video that demonstrates how to work the new scanner installed in the experimental display of the smartphone Vivo.

At this stage, as you can see, technology is very crude. For a start, to register a fingerprint, you need a lot of time to put finger on the screen. But even after successful registration, the likelihood that the smartphone will be unlocked after the first touch to the screen is quite small.

The author of the video had several times to touch the screen to smartphone to unlock the system.

The imperfection of the technology is the reason for the refusal of the ultrasonic sensor in edge-to-edge iPhone 8, observers believe. According close to Apple sources, the company has developed a new protection system based on 3D face scanner, which will replace the Touch ID.

At the moment, Apple engineers working to improve the speed and accuracy of the system. It is known that the person scanning takes a few hundred milliseconds. At the same degree of protection technology superior Touch ID.

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Sources indicate that the scanner user does not have to hold the iPhone right in the face, the sensor can operate in any position.

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