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Why Apple opposes trump’s decree prohibiting illegal immigrants

Apple reacted sharply to the trump Executive orders aimed at curbing illegal migration. According to the head of the “Apple” of the Empire, the Corporation has already contacted the White house and tried to explain how negative will the effect of the decree.

“Apple couldn’t exist without immigrants, and not that to flourish, as is happening now,” said cook.

Travis Kalanick, Uber’s head also said that his staff came under attack. According to Kalanick, the decree touched “thousands of drivers” of the company.

Observers note that in his criticism of businessmen and substitute the concept of speaking about the beneficial role of migrants for the US economy, which as a state and created by migrants, avoided the words “illegal migrants”.

Apple and other American companies care that were targeted in the economic model prevailing in the United States in the last decade, in which corporations receive profits through the use of cheap labor illegals, and the millions of working American citizens live on welfare and social benefits, writes Rusvesna. As notes the edition, even for large corporations with the “legal accounting” there are hundreds and thousands of small contractors who exploit workers.

While the owners of corporations don’t care about the predictions and warnings of sociologists, which are also decades warn that life on benefits is a one-way street: in this social chasm is easy to fall off, but it is difficult to get out.

It is the continuation of the former policy may lead to civil conflict when native Americans become dependent and outcasts in their own country, said Donald trump during the election campaign.

The return of the Americans will inevitably lead to some increase in the prices of American products, economists say, but in historical perspective it is a lesser evil than uncontrolled illegal migration, destroying the American identity.

Meanwhile, Apple lawyers develop a strategy for the abolition of the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump about the ban on entry for citizens of certain countries. Cook said that the company “wants to do constructively and productively”. According to him, he continues to communicate with “very senior White house officials” to convince them to cancel the decree.

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