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Why Apple needs to refresh the iPhone design this year

Wall Street analysts build different assumptions about the anniversary model of the iPhone. But one thing they share the General opinion: this autumn we are waiting for a radical change in the design of the Apple flagship, which will receive a thin frame around the screen. This allows you to place a large display in a smaller package. Therefore, the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a widescreen display, maintaining the size of their predecessors.

The need to redesign perfectly illustrates the diagram of the analytical company JPMorgan.

It is expected that the new design of the iPhone 8 will be made in the style of Android flagships LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The last two were presented last week and got a big display in a relatively compact package. To create the device, Samsung had to get rid of the mechanical home button.

Almost the entire front surface of both devices is the screen. From compact models diagonal is 5.8 inches and it’s width of the hull at 68.1 mm, that is smaller than the vast majority of the 5-inch phones and only 1 mm larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. In the case of c Galaxy S8+ in the case of a width of 73.4 mm (this is about as last year’s 5.3-inch LG G5) fit screen diagonal of 6.2 inches.

According to rumors, this year Apple will release three. Two will be called the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus that fits into the system of titles in recent years. The most advanced model with a screen “edge to edge” will stand apart from the usual two and its price will be above $1000 at the start of sales.

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