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Why Apple lowered the price of its products in Russia

Last week, Apple has reduced prices in the official Russian Internet-shop. Now the iPhone 7 sold at 4-6 thousand rubles cheaper and cheaper and the “six”. Reduced prices on iPads and Mac computers. In General, the decline in prices was 5-10%, however, official prices in Russia are still higher compared to other countries.

As noted Tdaily, if Russia Junior model, the iPhone 7 is 32 GB worth of online-shop 53 000 in the European Union at the current rate will cost 48 500 rubles, in the UK is 44, 000, and in the US, depending on sales tax in a particular state, from 39 to 42 thousand RUB So Apple sets the prices in Russia are overstated, not to correct them in case of a fall of the ruble.

In late 2014, Apple was faced with a massive re-export iPhone from Russia when the rouble fell sharply, and prices remained at the same level. Foreign tourists then bought the iPhone for all the money in order to resell them at home, because in dollar terms they were almost twice cheaper than in the world. Then was installed a prohibitive price, after which re-exports have stopped, but gone, at least the deficit.

The current decline in prices is associated with a decrease and stabilization of exchange rates, which led naturally to an increase in the share of grey import. In particular, the informal sellers in the purchase of Apple technology, you can save 20% of the current official prices (and before 25%). Since the absolute value of the difference, and starts from 10 thousand rubles. when buying the younger models, it is not surprising that ultimately up to 30% of Apple technology in Russia is sold informally.

In addition, the part of the buyers official retail loses at the expense of those who buy iPhone during trips abroad (for example, in Europe you can make Tax Free and save at least 10%) or orders equipment from foreign online shops with different forms of delivery.

Following the reduction in prices of Apple equipment, we should expect a similar price review and for devices from other manufacturers. They are already falling in price, however, it is worth to make an amendment not only on the course but on the obsolescence of models. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 fell from 49990 up to 44990 rubles, Sony Xperia X Performance — 49900 to 39990, Xperia X — 39990 to 32990, Huawei P9 — c to RUB 34990 39990 (all models went on sale in the spring and summer of 2016). While grey market prices are falling even faster and all of these models can be purchased for the same 10 000 rubles cheaper.

The risk lies in the lack of official warranty — repairs shall the seller, which, as a rule, try to accept the damage out-of-warranty case. However, marriage in modern smartphones is extremely rare, and failure most often occurs because of damage to the glass display. However, when buying “clean” versions of some of the vendors once the glass being replaced for free.

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