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Why Apple does not allow you to remove pre-installed apps in iOS

Many of us are not accustomed to uninstall apps that once downloaded to your iPhone and iPad. And absolutely no matter what was revealed to them only once. To explain this emotional aspect of behavior is very difficult.

But how to be with preinstalled iOS programs, which sometimes interfere with, occupy the necessary space on the desktop? Someone creates for this purpose a separate folder and put there all unnecessary. Someone prefers to ignore, trying to ignore the annoying icon. But neither those, nor others do not solve the problem of overcrowding precious home screen space. Allowing users to remove the default, Apple would give some freedom. Why do I daily observe the icon of the Action, if I never did not use it?

When Tim cook was asked why users can’t delete the default apps in iOS, he gave a very concise and straightforward answer: “Because some programs are directly linked to the functionality of the iPhone”.

Do iOS devices will not be able to fully operate without the application of “Action” or “Compass”? This question tried to answer analyst Agency Techpinion Jan Dawson. According to him, many programs are really tied to the main services of the operating system. For example, for the same “event” in the system added a widget for notification Center and additions to the watch Apple Watch. Dawson suggests that the solution to the problem could be the switch in the settings to hide the staffing of the program from the desktop.

“At some point it begins to seem that Apple needs to change their attitude to applications. Definitely worth adding the ability to get rid of trash, unwanted users, says Jan. A key advantage of the use of the software is to install install and remove unwanted programs. Unfortunately, Apple has not yet come to the understanding that putting them in folders is not an option”.

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In iOS 9 on the main screen were added two new apps, delete which is simply impossible. Dawson believes that all peripheral programs should be merged under the title “Other applications” and add in the appropriate section in settings where you can hide unwanted at its discretion. This will keep the functionality of iOS devices without losing a stock utilities.

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