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Why Apple bought Shazam: the data about users, the hatred for Android or musical predictions

This week Apple confirmed the rumors and officially announced the purchase of the service, a music recognition Shazam. Macdigger trying to figure out why it was done.

Shazam is integrated with Siri, as of iOS 8. It can be used to find out which song is playing and get a quick response from a voice assistant. Despite the fact that the company from Cupertino has a lot of money, buying just one application for $ 400 million surprised many.

Let’s see what justifies such a big price.

Keith Leswing of Business Insider believes Apple made this purchase for data about users collected by the system Shazam.

“One of the most underrated aspects of the business Shazam is that the application has analytical control center, a dashboard for music industry professionals. Labels and managers have learned to rely on it to look for songs that are starting to gain popularity.”

It is believed that Apple wants to develop globally. Apple Music works in limited number of countries, while Shazam around the world.

When someone tries to find out using Shazam, that song is played, it is a signal of its popularity. Our data have shown that we can typically predict 33 days, what will be the top of the Billboard Hot 100, — said the representative of Shazam.

The big question is, what are the plans of building the company from Cupertino in the future. Deep integration with Siri seems appropriate, but will be updated Shazam for Android is not yet clear. All waiting for Apple just shut down further development of Android applications. But if the company wants the new data came not only from its ecosystem, so it is impossible to do.

Another option is to make Shazam a part of Apple Music. Android users will not remain anything else how to download Apple certified app on your phone. But then Apple will lose access to the data about the tastes of those who subscribes to a competing streaming music services.

Apple’s decision depends on which of the various theories is correct.

  • If protection from Google in the market of music services, Apple can close the app for Android.
  • If the purchase was made only to access the accumulated user data, it is possible fully integrated with Apple Music.
  • If Apple wants to keep a finger on the musical pulse of a greater number of people, then the Android app should procatpostavka updates.

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