Why, after the presentation of new iPhones, you need to go for the old iPhone XR

Which iPhone is the best? Of course, the newest. And if you do not chase the latest and approach the matter rationally? Last year, Apple, in addition to the top-end iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, showed the “simplified” iPhone XR. It sells great and helps the company make money, but at the same time, buyers get joy and pleasure.

I looked at the iPhone 11, wrote a text about how it differs from the old iPhone XR, and came to the conclusion that last year's phone is still very much nothing.

I myself use two iPhones: iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Last year I refused to buy the iPhone XS Max: it is too big, and the difference in operating time between the “normal” and “max” is insignificant. I will write the experience of using the iPhone XS later, but now I want to talk about the iPhone XR.

Here are my arguments for buying an old iPhone XR.

It's cheaper

Let's start with the main thing – with the price. For the iPhone XR they are asking 49,990 rubles, while the iPhone 11 will cost 59,990 rubles already. Yes, new, yes, it’s better in terms of specifications, but is it all worth the extra cost of 10 thousand rubles?

The camera is not much worse

The second module in the iPhone 11 is an interesting thing, definitely. But how often will you use it? Do architectural filming and regularly travel to the mountains, capturing the beauty of sunrise? Unlikely. There are more and more twists and turns, we’ll check the difference between the new and old phones during the tests, but I am inclined to believe that the iPhone XR camera is enough for good photos. Maybe not the most tricked out on the background of the new models of the 11 series, but not so expensive. Shoot 4K video on the front? Yes, pampering is everything.

Peppy colors

Externally, the iPhone 11 has not changed much. Yes, the new colors of the case, yes, the second module is easier to distinguish the new from the old. At the same time, Apple killed two cool colors: instead of juicy yellow, pale yellow appeared, and the rich blue hue was changed to pale purple. The coral, fashionable color of the outgoing season, was also removed, now the trend is pale green.

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Colors are very subjective, but I really liked the blue and yellow, but now the palette has become different, a little sorry. Although in Russia, as always, black color dominates, so our customers will not be very worried about this.

But if before the iPhone XR was so bright and smart, “not like everyone else”, now the iPhone 11 is no longer so rebellious and peppy. Beautiful, but already some other.

The screen is still the same

Let's omit the people's suffering, which boils down to the fact that the iPhone has “a terrible“ monobrow ”and a huge framework.” At least, the framework does not affect usability and there are no false positives. Yes, the phone does not look like a wow bomb, just an iPhone. But I do not understand all these screams with foam at the mouth, when on the Internet they try again to prove that the “monobrow” necessary for the Face ID system to work is such a terrible thing.

You know, it's a matter of habit. Have you seen the design of the new BMW? With this huge grille. Yes, it looks weird. But this is now, in 2019. And after a couple of years, the design becomes familiar and will become commonplace. So these long-suffering screen frames – just accept them for who they are.

In terms of specifications, Apple did not change anything, the display is the same: 6.1 inches, all the same resolution. Apple anti-fans usually start to grimacing and grimacing, laughing that the phone for 50 thousand rubles does not have a Full-HD screen. Well, no and no. You can’t argue against the features of vision: a person’s eye feels the difference in picture quality at a point density of up to 300 PPI. And when incredible values ​​like 400, 500 or 600 dpi begin, it’s all the same here when you hold the phone at arm's length. Or do you use it while looking under a magnifying glass? Then something is wrong with you.

Therefore, if you do not chase the numbers, but just use the phone, there will be no suffering. I like the iPhone XR with a large screen; typing articles for it is more convenient than typing on the iPhone XS, where the diagonal is smaller. The same goes for watching videos or surfing the internet.

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Operating time level

According to tradition, Apple does not say anything about the battery capacity, but the data on the GSMArena edition version: 2942 mAh for iPhone XR versus 3110 mAh for iPhone 11. But Apple said at the presentation that the new iPhone 11 works an hour longer than the old one. Given that the iPhone XR was a long-lived phone, I am ready to believe that the iPhone 11 will set a new record for autonomy among iPhones. Another thing is that in practice this can not be felt, so when choosing the iPhone XR, you can not worry at all in terms of working time.

And another unfortunate fact: the iPhone 11 did not receive a powerful quick charge in the kit, as it was with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. So, you need to buy it separately, but you can spend the money you saved on it.

Nearly top performance

This year, the iPhone 11 received the same processor as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro: the same Apple A13 Bionic. Yes, no doubt, it has become even faster and more powerful, but iPhone XR with its mighty Apple A12 Bionic works bless you. He is fast and playful, not to complain about speed.

Moisture protection is a little worse, so what

The old iPhone XR can withstand diving to a depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes, and the new one can be bathed at a two-meter depth for the same time. Perhaps someone will dive into the river and take a picture of what lies at the bottom, but it is difficult to believe in such a use case. Going in with a phone in your hand and immersing it in salty sea water is deadly for the device, such a verdict will be given to you at any service center.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11

All this I say to the fact that during normal use of the phone there is no difference, it has IP67 or IP68 – the main thing is that there is protection against water in principle. So, you can safely wash the soiled phone under the tap or shoot how a child learns to swim in the pool without fear of splashes and splashes.

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Which one to buy?

A phone with 64 GB of memory costs 49,990 rubles, and a 128 GB version will cost 54,990 rubles. There used to be an option with 256 GB of internal memory, but now there is no such modification. Apparently, they decided to remove it in order to avoid unnecessary competition with the iPhone 11.

In my opinion, 64 GB is already small, the difference of 5 thousand rubles is not the kind of money to save on memory, so it’s better to immediately take the iPhone XR to 128 GB and not to live.

To summarize, I’ll say that I liked the iPhone XR last year and like this one. I consider him one of the most successful iPhones of our time, let him be criticized and criticized, but you can’t argue against the truth. While experts are looking for flaws, buyers go to the stores to pick up the phone. Therefore, the iPhone XR sets records.


iPhone XR – the most popular smartphone in the world

Alexander Pobyvanets

September 6, 2019

I think that the iPhone XR will also be selling well in 2019-2020: even if it is inferior to the new iPhone 11 in terms of characteristics, but the price difference compensates for everything. This is just the case when cheaper does not mean worse and you can get almost everything the same, but at a more pleasant price.

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