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Why a return to jony Ive in the Apple is the best news of December

Now you can not worry about the future of the main products of the company.

In mid-November of last year, Apple presented a booklet Designed by Apple in California. The photo book came rather abruptly, so it resonated as a full-fledged Apple product.

First, all the whiners cried for the price of 450 pictures and beautiful artwork was estimated at $ 200. To be honest, I don’t see a subject for complaints is clear that the booklet is a gift. It is focused exclusively on fans and connoisseurs the Apple in which pockets are found definitely $ 200.

The second item for discussion – the reason for the release of the photobook. At first no one knew why Apple presented the booklet at the end of autumn, but then the authoritative insider, podcaster and generally a smart man John Gruber explained it.

According to Gruber, the 200-dollar volume was launched on the shelves in a sign of farewell to Joni Ivom, the legendary designer and probably the main heir to Steve jobs.

Technically Ive still had in the company, but in fact did not perform anything important. He lived in Britain, he stopped attending the premiere event and seems to be engaged in the design of the Apple stores. On the one hand, Yes, too serious mission. On the other – too small for the figure scale Quince.

In addition, Gruber hinted that Jonathan, known for his love of expensive and speedy cars, much I was freaking out about how Apple is slowly making its way to the market of electric cars. It could also be a reason for care.

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In any case, the truth is not to dig. Moreover, he Gruber, tied issue books to care Quince, soon apologized to the audience and said that his information was wrong.

But despite the denial of podcaster, his version still looks the most likely.

At some point, he explicitly distanced himself from native Corporation – whether because of personal reasons, whether because of a conflict with one of the leaders, whether for even what reason.

The main thing – the facts: in recent years, Apple is very, very strained redesign of the main devices.

Of course, you can remember a new MacBook and X iPhone, but there are plenty of counterarguments: iPhone SE in the case of 2012, zabronzovevshy Apple Watch (three years) and no-evolution “regular” iPhones. We have a lot of work. The company will have to brush up on not only gadgets, but also iOS – there are global changes in terms of interface and design was not in 2013.


Over the past few weeks, John gave a series of interviews. According to all the statements it was evident that he missed the creation of products that he had lots of ideas and eager to implement them. Therefore, the news that Ive finally returned to Apple, looks quite organically – I think Bloomberg can be trusted in terms of insides.

Comeback johnny in the States – another victory for Apple in 2017. They issued a record quarter, opened a new campus and created the hit iPhone in history, but now intensified a man who possesses impeccable design taste.

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It seems we are finally waiting for something new.

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