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Why 80 thousand for iPhone X – is this normal

With the presentation of the new iPhones last week, and the flow of the whining still has not subsided.“Oh, how expensive, how can a phone cost 80 thousand rubles? This is ridiculous,” say the people who believe that last year Xiaomi AliExpress – the ultimate dream.

You need to immediately clarify: if we’re talking about things that should only make calls, surf the Internet and take pictures, then Yes – iPhone X my dear. Moreover, he does not need the iPhone 7 (50 thousand rubles, in the top configuration) is not only optimal for any task, but can easily live 2-3 years without brakes.

It’s not about practicality, but about status.

iPhone X, Apple Watch and AirPods charging

Of course, you can say that Apple is kicking a dead genre, but the iPhone X – image smartphone. Such phone at the time was a Nokia 8910, Nokia 8800 and Motorola RAZR V3. Case design – the same one who makes everyone around to raise eyebrows and ask:

Wow, you have an iPhone the “x”?

And you do important and answer:

Actually, it is correct to say iPhone Ten.

Then the source would be a bit confused and corrected:

– Well, Yes, Yes, iPhone Ten ten.

It is beautiful (despite the cut) and recognizable, he’s got a giant screen (the biggest in the history of the iPhone), an innovative way to unlock (forget Federighi), good battery (closer to the iPhone Plus) and laptop processor.

With this iPhone X it doesn’t has skyrocketed over the standard pricing paradigm in Russia – the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost 70 thousand rubles at the start, and the iPhone 7 Plus 256 gigabytes sold for 85 thousand rubles (autumn 2016).

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So to complain about the crazy price for iPhone X simply naive. On the contrary, the news that Apple has established in the flagship of the low margin proves that corporations still have a conscience: in theory you could raise the price up to a thousand bucks, and the fans would find the money (or got the credit).

There’s another crazy theory: Apple had to score on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but to release the iPhone X at the standard price ($700). Of course, this is an absurd question – the motives of the cook is easy to understand.

1. It was necessary to expand the line to not too to keep up with competitors (especially from Asia);

2. It was a chance to open his own niche: Tim cope, X has no competitors in the “from $ 1,000 for a smartphone”;

3. Apple is clearly experienced and is experiencing difficulties with production, and the democratic value primogenital to those who are amassed on the iPhone with school Lunches. But the iPhone X is made of luxury to the shortage has not been felt so acutely – many potential buyers stupidly fell off due to the fact that you can’t afford a new model or consider it madness.

There is talk about people who teach others to live. All comments in the spirit of “$ 300 for the smartphone – it’s a psychological mark, a limit, a barrier” we can safely drop in the toilet and mercilessly press on the flush.

First, the iPhones, on average, live longer Android toys longer receive updates and, if anything, faster to repair.

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Secondly, iPhones slower cheaper. These 90 thousand for the iPhone X in 256-Gigabyte modification will last several months. Compare the dynamics of prices: Galaxy S8 have lost a hell of a percentage of the starting value in the first weeks.

Thirdly, from iPhones easier to get rid of if you urgently need money. One post on Craigslist with discount in thousand rubles, and dollar bills in his pocket that night. Android devices are merged in the secondary market for much longer.

And in General, iPhone is thing that was a great motivator. I have friends who got into debts and credits for iPhones, but these idiots a little.

Much more than those who worked hard from morning to night, growing career, pumped skills and reached the level of income at which the flagship iPhone, you can buy just like that without savings and delays of the money. If you ask these guys what they tried initially, many people would answer: “I just dreamed about the iPhone”.

So the iPhone X is a worthy goal and adequate investment.

Besides, the iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB and iPhone X 256 GB the price difference is only 15 thousand. Just as many now stand and show-off the pleasant feeling that in your pocket device with the latest design. In my opinion, quite inexpensive.

Now the only problem is to find the iPhone X from official sellers it’s going to be a big deficit and disgusting speculation to those who will trade gadgets three par.

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