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While some employees are testing the new Tesla electric car, others demand fair working conditions

Tesla started testing the new Tesla electric car 3, and 30 employees of the Corporation has already received the first prototypes. While Elon Musk and other top managers of the company celebrate the production of a new car, plant workers, which brings together the news, sent a petition to highlight the principles of their remuneration.

According to information on Facebook page under the title “Fair Future At Tesla” (an Equitable future in Tesla), which was created by activists in the HR Department of the company sent a statement in which employees are asked to describe in more detail the principles of payment of their work and allocation of company resources. According to BuzzFeed News, before you file a petition to management, signed by more than 400 workers of the factory.

Recall that the movement of workers of factories Tesla for fair wages and transparent conditions of work began earlier this year. One of the employees of the company Jose Moran (Jose Moran) wrote in his blog that working conditions in the factories are far from acceptable that working hours exceed the permissible limits, payment — well below average, and workers at risk of various injuries due to noncompliance with safety standards.

The company has confirmed that the petition had been received, but no comments addressed in the document of questions from HR or other top managers of the Tesla was received.

The staff at the Tesla Facebook page “Fair Future At Tesla” note that this is not the first time the company is reviewing the complaint, but in any way does not react to them.

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